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Discover Your Creative Talent
Discover your creative side and enhance your lifestyle at Pennsylvania's idyllic self-discovery retreat. Explore new or hidden talents with watercolor painting, drawing and cooking classes as well as wine tastings designed to help you tap into your passions.

At-Home Spa Demo

Join Treatments Manager Amanda Clabaugh in a fun and interactive class to create your own do-it yourself spa treatments! You’ll learn ways to use fresh ingredients from your pantry or garden to achieve that spa glow in your own home – a very convenient way to pamper yourself!

A Relaxing Bath Blend to soften the skin and calm the senses from Amanda Clabaugh
Hops & Barley Body Polish

Journaling for Self Discovery
Learn the basics of writing a journal through guided self-exploration using your own observations, thoughts and feelings. Your journal is yours to keep and cherish.

Make-Up Tips & Tricks
Learn basic and advanced makeup tips from a pro! Join our in-house makeup expert for an informative and interactive session designed to make you look your best. Learn proper application techniques and how to create day and evening looks.

Nail Care Class
Join our expert nail technician as she shows you how to get the perfect at home manicure. Jess will guide you through the foundations of a beautiful and long lasting manicure. Learn the proper ways to effectively file, push back your cuticles, buff your nails, polish, and reveal younger looking hands in this fun interactive nail care class.

Art Classes

Acrylic Painting 101
Come experiment and create a wonderful piece using acrylic paint and palette knives and brushes. From the art studio view we can paint what we see. This class is for all levels.

Butterfly Garden Painting
Come experience our butterfly garden and paint what you see. Using watercolors and aqua pencils enjoy the flow and translucency of the medium. No experience necessary.

Collage Class
Create a one of a kind work of art. Students will create a small booklet to start, then collage using decorative papers, maps, tags, and cut outs from vintage magazines and photos. The result will be a delightful book that opens flat. This class is for all levels.

Decorating with Nature
Gain techniques to create your own decorations made from items found in nature, either for display outside of your home or for bringing the outdoors inside. A collection of items to inspire your own creativity, easily found in nature or grocery stores, will be available to make a wreath or arrangement to take with you.

Draw the Line
Investigate where the line takes us in this straight up drawing workshop.   Discover the power of the mark not only in rendering but also in expressing ourselves from within.  Be introduced to the possibilities in the mediums of pencil and charcoal.

Drawing with Colored Pencils
Learn simple pencil techniques and create a framable nature inspired design with colored pencils on toned paper in this fun and relaxed class.

Have Fun with Color
Experiment with several varieties of materials and papers to let your spirit sing. No experience necessary.

Introduction to Drawing
Awaken your creativity with visual expression and discover your inner artist. Drawing differs from painting in that it is much more exploratory with emphasis on observation and composition. Leave inspired by your journey to self-discovery and a picture that shows off your rejuvenated artistic energy.

Mandala Drawing
Soothe your mind and get into a relaxed, meditative mode while you design and color in your own personal mandala (a symbol aiding in meditation).

Mosaics ($)
Using a mix of tiles and glass pieces, design a beautiful and colorful work of art to display or use in your home. Your mosaic piece is yours to keep. Cost is $10 per person.

Paper Marbling
No experience or artistic talent necessary. Come have fun with inks water and paper to create an original piece of art or stationary.

Embrace velvety rich colors with magic at every stroke. Pastels offer a softer side and meld the worlds of painting and drawing together. Join us to discover the softer side color expression.

Pen & Ink Drawing
Learn how to create an ink illustration  using traditional quill pens and ink. Discover user friendly techniques for tone and texture including subtle color washes to create a take home piece of art. Beginners Welcome.

Stroll & Sketch
At The Lodge at Woodloch we believe that nature inspires. Take a stroll outside and sketch whatever catches your eye. Chairs will be provided. In the event of rain, the class will be a drawing class in the Art Studio.

Terrariums ($)
Like a miniature greenhouse, these micro-worlds create their own natural water cycle to produce their own moisture. Your terrarium is yours to keep. Cost is $10 per person.

Understanding Light & Shadow
Using pencil and blending techniques the inner artist in you will come out. Learning different skills to define and model simple objects for a dimensional effect.

Watercolor Painting
Explore new, hidden, or forgotten talents. This two-hour watercolor painting class offers you the opportunity to express your feelings through simple brushstrokes. Discover the pure beauty of nature and our surroundings by taking time to stop and really notice the colors and textures of our Pennsylvania countryside and capture it on paper. Leave with a finished work of art and a new or renewed creative side.

In this watercolor workshop, discover this magical medium in brush techniques of wet on wet, dry brush, transparency to opaque, layers, and white space.  There will also be an overview of paper types and the effect of the paper working in tandem with the pigment.

So, what is a Zendoodle? It is simply an organized doodle contained within a predefined framework, which becomes a beautiful design. Come learn how to Zendoodle, have fun and let your creative side soar! No artistic experience necessary.


Culinary Classes

Cooking Demonstration
Join our Chefs for a demonstration of selections from our gourmet spa cuisine menus. You will learn new cooking techniques, healthy and surprising ingredient alternatives and elegant and fun presentations.

Baking Demonstration
Join our Chefs for a demonstration of selections from our gourmet spa menus. You will learn new baking techniques, healthy and surprising ingredient alternatives and elegant and fun presentations.

Wine Tasting
Join our wine sommelier  for an in depth look into the various characteristics of six different wine varietals from around the world. The 40-45 minute discussion is open to "experts" at all levels and includes cheese and fruit selections.

*Guests must be a minimum of 21 years of age to participate. $30 fee per person plus tax and service fee. Guest sommelier series may require an additional fee.