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Forest Bathing Retreat

Forest Bathing, or Shinrin-Yoku touts growing research that supports the far east tradition and understanding that spending time in the deep woods has profound healing power. Over time, Forest Bathing can produce quantifiable changes in the body and mind. Plus, the added benefit is that it just feels good. The Lodge at Woodloch developed a Forest Bathing Exploration Program four years ago as a way to introduce the theory to guests. In 2015, the team took it a step further by having a cross-functional team of associates certified in Forest Bathing. 
The true goal has always been to get healthcare professionals, wellness professionals and guests themselves to discover the benefits of Forest Bathing and include it as part of their overall health and wellness plan.  The idea of creating a retreat for health and wellness professional was developed to plant that seed within the healthcare community.   
Wednesday, September 6th - Friday, September 8th 
Forest Bathing Retreat
This three day intensive retreat will feature Amos Clifford from the Association of Forest Therapy Guides, who will share the philosophy of Forest Bathing for Healthcare Professionals.  Attendees of the retreat will earn a location-based certificate, level 1 which is tailored specifically for the health and wellness community.

The attendees will learn:
·         Key findings from the rapidly growing field of research into nature’s effect on wellbeing
·         A framework for the practice of Forest Therapy
·         Accelerating connection to deep mindfulness through simple sensory invitations
·         Specific techniques for slowing down, calming the mind, and being fully present
·         Greater comfort and confidence in nature
·         Ways to integrate nature’s benefits into everyday health and wellness
·         Somatic techniques for embodied awareness
·         And more
The cost of the retreat is $699 per person, per night, based on double occupancy ($100 additional per night if single occupancy, taxes and service charge not included).  There is a 3-night minimum- checking in on Tuesday September 5th. The intimate retreat will cap out at 15 attendees. 

Guests can call 1.800.966.3562 to reserve their spot in the intimate retreat.  Guests can also ask about the option of being a day guest to attend the retreat (starting from $1,519 for the retreat, day pass and 3 meals per day).

Research indicates that nature and the forest are true healers. Studies show that there is a marked decrease in stress-related hormones, a decrease in heart rates and lower blood pressure. The theory states that trees and plants produce organic compounds called phytocides to help protect themselves from insects, fungus and disease. These compounds escape into the air and when breathing deeply and moving slowly through the forest…with an open heart and lungs, can offer great benefits to humans as well as plants.
Some of the results of the Rx of the forest include:
· Reduced blood pressure
· Reduced blood cortisol levels (stress indicator)
· Increases in counts of natural killer cells that combat disease
· Improved perception of vigor
· Reduced stress levels
· And more