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Jana Hexter, Multi-Sentient Intuitive and Medium - September 29th - October 2nd

Jana Hexter can tune into many levels of consciousness and has the capacity to see, hear, feel, and know information from beyond the physical realm and to connect with those who have passed. Her innate gift is highly unusual in both its scope and depth.
Her story is atypical. Born and raised in England, she graduated from Cornell University and became a nationally renowned grant writer who personally raised over $40 million for non-profits, wrote an acclaimed book on the subject, and taught at NYU’s Heyman School of Philanthropy.

As her professional life thrived, she experienced profound and undeniable mystical experiences. She initially resisted them because they utterly challenged her concept of reality. Today, because of her background, she can access and meld the mystical and the practical in a meaningful and deeply personal way. Jana’s work appeals primarily to successful, intelligent entrepreneurs and business leaders — who are open-minded and spiritual.

Jana has gained a deep sense of peace by sharing her sacred gift. She offers insights that guide people to explore the depths of who they are and use them to create a more balanced, aligned, holistic life — with ease and grace. Her clients describe the experience as "one of the most moving and incredible experiences I have ever had when balancing between the current reality of my life and the grand energy of the universe" and "one of the most healing, joyful hours of my life."

Jana serves spiritually conscious people who are approaching a crossroads in life and are committed to exploring the deeper questions, relishing life, and giving back to the world. She also serves anyone who would like to connect with a loved one who has passed.

Friday, September 29th
Sacred Spaces & In-Between Places
Enjoy an extraordinary conversation with Jana about Spirit and our universal home from her experience connecting with the unseen realms.  We’ll explore questions about time and space, life and death, existential love, why our souls incarnate and what we can do to open to the expansiveness of the Universe and all forms of intelligence.  Come with an open mind, questions about experiences you have had, and curiosity for an intriguing evening.

Saturday, September 30th
Lessons from the Camino
Jana recently went on a 500-mile spiritual pilgrimage walking from the French Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostella – known as the Camino de Santiago.  The Camino is aligned with the axis of the Milky Way. Only 20% of the people who start the adventure complete it. She’ll share with you about the experience and what she learned about integrating Spirit in our everyday lives, our place in Universe, and how to live life with beauty.