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Petra Kolber, Movement Motivator - July 28th - 30th

Petra Kolber is an inspirational speaker and movement motivator with 25 years’ experience presenting around the world and has led workshops in over 20 countries.  She appears regularly as a lifestyle and fitness expert on the morning news shows including The Today Show and The CBS Early Show. She has consulted for many companies including Reebok, Gatorade, California Walnuts and Health Magazine. Petra is columnist of the Moving to Happiness® column for Spry Living Magazine, which reaches 9 million homes each month and the spokesperson for YES Fitness Music. As a two-time cancer survivor, she is passionate about waking people up to the power of their own story and the precious gift of time. Her mission is to inspire people to move more and fear less so that they can stretch their dreams, strengthen their courage muscle and build an inspired life, full of joy and gratitude.

Saturday, July 29th
Dancers Stretch + Flow
Dancers stretch and flow fuses together dance inspired mini combinations that will strengthen, lengthen and energize your body. Non-dancers so very welcome. A wonderful way to begin your day.

10 Happiness Hacks to Create a Flourishing Future
This talk will introduce you to the foundational principles and ongoing research emerging from the field of positive psychology. Petra will discuss The Happiness Set Point, the health benefits that come from living a happier life and the power of gratitude. You will leave with 10 happiness hacks that you can use anytime and anywhere to elevate your joy and positivity immediately. Please feel free to bring a journal or something to write on.

Decide – Plan – Do!
What is standing between you and creating a life of your dreams? Learn how to once and for all set goals that inspire you to get up every morning. Based on the latest research discover the keys to strengthening your willpower and learn what depletes it. Find new ways to reframe your goals so that they become stepping-stones for positive and energetic future. Walk away with an actionable strategy that will get you to Decide – Plan and Do!!!!! Please feel free to bring a journal or something to write on.

Sunday, July 30th
Yoga Sculpt
A blend of yoga inspired sequences and traditional strength exercises that are fused together in a seamless flow. Strengthen and lengthen your body as you move into a focused and empowering class that will leave you energized for the rest of your day.

Heavily Meditated & Highly Motivated- An Introduction to Mindfulness for the Western Mind
The greatest “muscle” you will ever train will be your mind. Yet for many of us, the word meditation seems too ethereal or we think we just do not have time. Come and learn ‘gateway” mindfulness exercises that can be your first steps to becoming more present in your life.  Learn the latest research that supports the many health and wellness benefits of becoming more mindful, and discover easy to replicate mini “time outs” that are easy to do anywhere and at any time. Your mind drives everything you do, including your willpower and your outlook on life. Where your mind goes, the energy flows and your life follows. Train a body - change a body. Train a mind – change a life. Please feel free to bring a journal or something to write on.

The Perfection Detox® – Tame Your Inner Critic, Unleash Your Joy, Live Bravely
Based on her upcoming book that will be published in Spring 2018, Petra will unravel this mystery called perfection. How would your life change if you gave yourself permission to aim high, strive valiantly, work hard, do the best you can and not look back? Learn how to recognize the areas of your life that may be suffering due to a perfectionistic mindset and stop you from thriving. And discover how to shift your mindset to gain self-acceptance and begin the journey to fearless living. Petra will share her own struggles with perfectionism and share her top strategies to help you tame your inner critic, unleash your joy and live bravely. Please feel free to bring a journal or something to write on.