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An Unexpected Approach to Gourmet Spa Food Preparation
TREE, our restaurant and bar, embodies our belief that food that is good for you can also be sophisticated, artfully presented and graciously served.

The Farm-to-Table Garden measures approximately 100' wide x 170' deep and is in walking distance of our destination spa resort. While building the footprint of the farm, a 50-year old hand-built cistern was discovered that will eventually be restored and used as a resource to help water the plants along with rainwater management techniques. In addition, three compost bins were created to ensure a constant supply of fertilization and food recycling.




The Farm-To-Table Garden will provide a selection of the vegetables and herbs that will be used at TREE Restaurant, as well as our occasional Farm-to-Table Cooking Demonstrations featuring just-picked items. Additionally, the farm-to-table garden will provide farm-to- massage table healing herbs and flowers for select spa treatments. Items such as rosemary, lavender and calendula have abundant healing qualities and are grown with care each year. We have also designed the Farm-to-Table Garden to act as a learning environment, with gardening classes that provide practical tips for your own gardening practice home.

Our talented team of chefs often share recipes using our farm-fresh produce and herbs in our monthly e-mails and in cooking demonstrations.

Butterfly Garden

The newest garden by Master Gardener Alison Peck is a Butterfly and Bird Garden located just 25 feet from the back doors of the secluded resort.  Alison has hand selected flowers and plants that attract butterflies to lay their eggs and complete the lifecycle.  Flowers such as Butterfly Bush, Snap Dragons, Zinnias and Milkweed will naturally draw in these delicate creatures as a beautiful refuge.  Butterflies often help in the pollination of important indigenous plants and also help keep harmful insects at bay.