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Pennsylvania Activities

The Lodge at Woodloch is intimately aware of the beauty of nature that surrounds us.  Mother Nature provides an ever-changing muse for art and inspiration.  Together with Kiesendahl + Calhoun Fine Art, Ltd., comes a custom-curated art gallery hall featuring local artists that help magnify our philosophy of personal awakening.

Fall 2014 Featured Artists

Jane Bradley Cameron

The artist, who is Canadian but has lived most of her life in the United States, works with natural materials, handmade paper, alternative photographic processes and beeswax from a neighbor’s beehives. Cameron’s art reflects her own complex layers of investigation into the nexus of human/nature and spiritual experience. She earned an MA in Educational Technology from Concordia College, Montreal. Cameron is also a photographer, a medium that she has stretched in experimental ways, like her work here on the remnants of lace and leaves that are eons beyond the realm of traditional photography. Under Keith Smith she learned the art of making handmade books. She plays with words and weaves paper into her own storied questions. Her subject is always about textural connections and the quest for understanding how longing and belonging binds us. Her 15 years as a certified grief counselor with The Bereavement Center of Westchester served to deepen her commitment to wonder, beauty and the ephemeral. Cameron’s experience extends to past co-owner of a multi-media production company in Montreal, Quebec: Rainbow Pathways. She was a founding member of 494 Gallery…the first women’s photography cooperative in NYC, where two exhibits a year were held for 6 years. She has served as a curator of the Donald Gallery in Westchester, NY and has shown in galleries in SoHo, Chelsea, Westchester, and Quebec, Canada.
“Mark-making by humans and animals as well as the etchings of natural forces and growth cycles on natural materials are visual tracings of story - told through text-tured matter. Much of my art is based on exploring these ‘text/tures’ and the visualized soundings they render.”
~Jane Cameron


Stephen Geldman

Stephen Geldman has a BA in art from Cal State Los Angeles, and a MA from UC Irvine. Early influences include the feminist artist Judy Chicago, the painter Peter Krasnow, and the sculptors Peter Alexander and Masami Teraoka, who showed with him at Space gallery. He participated in many West Coast gallery exhibits. In 1980 he won the prestigious Rome Prize Fellowship in the annual competition and was chosen by Robert Motherwell to spend a year at the American Academy in Rome. In 2009 he had a solo show at the Philip Alan gallery in the East Village, and in 2012 he showed at PaPa arts in Whitemills, PA. The artist currently lives in New York City and along the Lackawaxen River in Pennsylvania, a location that serves as inspiration for many of his current works.
“In the afternoon the sun starts down and reflects across the Lackawaxen River, backlighting the trees around my house with an amazing glow. I have lived with this light for 25 years and it seeped into my paintings. The beauty of this landscape amazes me every day.” ~Stephen Geldman
After many years the artist has developed a sense of what he wants from a painting, a certain coherence of the visual elements, while playing with an abstract pattern of paint strokes to engage and surprise, opening another way of seeing. Geldman’s interchange of undulating light, form and color draw us into his personal landscape. Observing, we enter a scintillating, harmonious gathering that envelops.

Winter 2014 Featured Artists

Tom Colbert

The artist lives in both New York City and Hawley, Pennsylvania, along the Lackawaxen River.  Tom received his MFA from the University of Iowa and earned an Artist in Residence at Yaddo.  He has participated in juried shows from Nebraska, Iowa, Virginia and Florida and has shown in galleries in New York City and Pennsylvania.  The artist seems to employ all the elements to create warm, scintillating canvases that remind us of places and spaces where we long to be, both familiar and exotic.

 He says: “Light, color and brush work draw me to painting.  I like to live at the intersection where paint meets illusion.  It is this tension between paint being paint and paint being illusion that I find most intriguing.  The brush is of the moment, color and value illuminate, and the light transcends to make a painting come alive.  I have painted all my life.  Subject matter is generally the most mundane and it is the elevation of the everyday that I feel to be the most positive statement to be made.  Again, it is light and reflection that catch my eye….”

Marilyn Foley

The artist, who lives in Savannah, Georgia, received a BA from Wellsley College where she later returned years later to teach painting and sculpture. After receiving a masters degree from Rutgers University, Marilyn studied at the Art Student’s League in New York with Reginald Marsh. An internationally acclaimed watercolorist, she has earned a signature membership in the National Watercolor Society and has shown nationwide in solo exhibits and juried shows, at the Education Department of the Museum of Modern Art, The National Arts Club and Salmagundi Club in New York City.  Her work can be found in hundreds of private and corporate collections.  In the unforgiving medium of watercolor, Marilyn Foley renders a landscape, flowers or architecture with luminous precision.

Amelia Arenas, Phd with MOMA says: “In Foley's work, nature is never given a pastoral tone and the image of the domestic is free from anecdote. Strictly speaking, there is no narrative but vision suspended. The stillness and silence one senses in her work are the result of reflective contemplation which is too sober to be romantic, yet is spiritual in a way which only American realism can be.”

Any questions or interest, please contact:
Kiesendahl+Calhoun Fine Art, Ltd.
914 325 5496 Nancy Bloch
914 844 6296 Camilla Calhoun