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About Us

The Lodge at Woodloch is intimately aware of the beauty of nature that surrounds us.  Mother Nature provides an ever-changing muse for art and inspiration.  Together with Kiesendahl + Calhoun Fine Art, Ltd., comes a custom-curated art gallery hall featuring local artists that help magnify our philosophy of personal awakening.

Spring 2014 Featured Artists

Janine Dunn Wade

Now is the time to emerge from hibernation!  After this frigid winter, laden with snow and immobility, we bring Janine Dunn Wade’s work here as a sign of hope and renewal. Feast your eyes on the visual moments we have been waiting for – signs of spring: color and bursting life. The artist’s luscious, painterly flowers capture every nuance of daylight hues. As we approach her canvas, we expect these bouquets to emit fragrance! Observing these flowers enhances the complete relaxation that we hope you achieve here at the Lodge at Woodloch. The artist states: “Considering the breakneck pace of American society today, it is important to slow down and take a deep sense all the God-given beauty that surrounds us. A painting can capture those fleeting moments that sometimes pass us by without notice: flower buds in springtime; colorful sunsets peeking out from behind trees; the simple smile from a stranger; the earth washed clean in a good drenching rain. To capture forever joy, exuberance, beauty and life's quiet moments, amid the chaos, is my ultimate goal in painting. Wolf Kahn said: "Art exits to celebrate, exalt, excite, and satisfy the demands of the visual. To make the human spirit soar." I work to allow the viewer that rare moment to relive and emotionally connect with a moment and place in time.”

The artist resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, has a BFA from Villanova University and also studied art in Italy and Mexico, and has exhibited in galleries throughout Pennsylvania.


Patricia Wilder 

The artist, who lives in upstate New York, studied photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and in workshops in Maine and Santa Fe.  Her photographs were selected for various publications and have shown in multiple galleries in New York and Connecticut, in corporate and public spaces.  These images evoke both energy and harmony, perfect for the gallery at the Lodge at Woodloch.  The artist states that: “Art is the expression of life's essences, and the commonplace is at the core of it all. Photography is the vehicle through which I try to capture my own experience of connection with the ordinary world, and convey that experience to the viewer. Using simple abstract compositional forms and lines allows the image to best translate the essence of these subjects. I am committed to traditional photographic processes. All of my images are made from original slide transparencies, and printed in traditional darkroom chemistry on Fuji Crystal Archive photographic paper.  The subjects in the images are shown as they were found, with no manipulation of elements or colors.”


Any questions or interest, please see the concierge or Kiesendahl+Calhoun Fine Art, Ltd. 914 325 5496 Nancy Bloch or 914 844 6296 Camilla Calhoun