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Lake Teedyuskung Meditation

An Ode to the Lake at Woodloch

What is the perfect silence?
A soft murmer of the intake of oneness spreads throughout  the scene and one drinks the beauty of the waters of the lake. The incredible richness of the forest borders the lake to keep the silence undisturbed.

How many thousands of years this wonder of the universe has mirrored this peaceful scene. Softly, the approach of mankind enters the scene and small clouds meet with each other, hiding the sun. As little by little, the voices of man bring the first essence of sound, disturbing the ancient sentinels of nature, preventing us from experiencing peace and lets man weave a blanket across the area.
As I sat absorbed in the power of nature, the stillness of its depths were destroyed. Oh mankind, your thoughts so loudly ring out, dominating the beauty of the waters and the peace wavers like a rocky boat across the lake.
Even the sun seems fearful to smile. But suddenly, peace reigns again, as lotus and tiny bushes of fruit gently hide its inhabitants. The stillness, like a beautiful blanket returns, and joins forces with the creator and from within, peace reigns supreme.

Is this what I have dreamt about for so many years? This incredible terrain houses a palace for beauty of the mind and body. I had dreamt a fantasy that took me back to France to live where peace and nature could live in harmony with my soul. Where every part of my being reached out into nature, bringing past and present the culture that opened up the possibilities of me bringing from every country in the world  living together in harmony.  The scene, the nature, the incredible oneness and beauty of friendship. The only reason we are on this planet and absorbed in the truth. Revealing itself that the breath of life is the link throughout the whole world.

Tao Porchon-Lynch
November 12, 12013
excerpt from Reflections: The Yogic Journey of Life, Vers. 2