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Mindbody Classes

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Do you see a class you are interested in but it is not on the schedule during your stay? Schedule a private class with our Fitness Instructors.

AM Stretch
Begin your day with active stretches for the total body. You’ll leave feeling awake and ready for the day!

B.A.M. (Balance, Alignment & Movement) Posture Workshop
Join us for an informative workshop exploring how our posture is influenced by our habits and modern society. Learn simple stretches to help alleviate back pain and exercises to help improve balance, alignment and movement for overall better posture.

Breathe and Change Your Life!
Take control of your life and relax the body by harnessing the power of breath. Open the mind as you learn to focus your attention within and experience simple ways in which you can enhance your body’s energy levels while cleansing and rebalancing.

Chair Yoga
Chair yoga is a gentle class that uses modify yoga poses so that they can be done while seated in a chair, or stand using the chair for support. In addition to a good stretch, chair yoga participants can also enjoy other health benefits of yoga, including improved muscle tone, better breathing habits, reduction of stress, better sleep, and a sense of well-being.

Chakra Bowl Demonstration
We invite you to learn more about how vibrational stimulation of Chakra Bowls will restore your sense of calm, peace, mental clarity, and physical and energetic balance.

Chakra Meditation
Bring your mind and body into balance by opening and aligning the seven energy centers known as chakras. This unique meditation class will bring deep relaxation and renewal.

Chakra Yoga
Use yoga asanas to stimulate and balance your energy centers for physical, spiritual and mental wellness.

Chi Gong
Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, Wood are the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine. Movement and meditation are used to unite and harmonize the spirit of the five organs governed by each element. A series of exercises: Ocean Breathing, Inner Smile, Toning the Six Healing Sounds, activates the Chi (universal energy).

Core Fusion
Firm up your assets and tighten your belt by training the abs, obliques, glutes and back. Focus your workout on the lower body and feel the results.

Deep Healing Chi Gong
Using gentle movements, deep breathing, and colorful visualizations this medical form of chi gong, helps keep energy, or Chi, flowing throughout the body. This class will help
restore vitality, increase energy and impart a full sense of overall well-being.

Dreamshifting Journey
Ancient cultures were deeply connected to the intelligence of the Universe. They believed that the world is the way we dream it, and that everything we do, we dream first.Using the sound of a drum or a rattle, we'll journey into the space between worlds to experience the power of dreamshifting. We'll meet a spirit guide and ask for information
about our personal dream and the actions we need to take to fulfill our roles as conscious dreamshifters in the modern world.

Gentle Yoga
Explore the basics of Ancient Yoga through postures, breath work and meditation. Designed for beginners, though, all levels are welcome.

Hatha Yoga
Remove the stress brought on by daily living by concentrating on the practice of postures and breath control to help energize both the body and mind while increasing muscle strength and improving flexibility.

Healing Sounds Meditation
In this meditation we use soft vocal sounds to cleanse, tone and detoxify the organs. Crystal bowls then fill the room with healing vibrations to restore balance and serenity, facilitating an inner journey.

Heart Centered Yoga
Bringing awareness and acceptance, especially self- acceptance, into the heart can be quite powerful. This class combines a guided meditation focused on the Heart Chakra, with yoga postures that help open and energize the heart center.

Hot Asana
Bring your water bottle, towel and lots of energy to this advanced yoga class. The heated studio helps relax your muscles, enabling them to stretch deeper into the yoga poses. You will leave purified and detoxified while gaining physical strength and stamina.

Inner Smile Meditation
In this guided meditation, smiling energy is directed into the organs, muscles, glands, and body systems to produce a refined quality of internal energy with the power to relax, heal, and rejuvenate. This ancient, simple and loving practice transforms stress into vitality.

Intro to Chakra Meditation
Understanding the seven chakras and how they affect the body and mind is important in this meditation practice. The main focus will be on the Root Chakra since it is important that this chakra be made strong and healthy before any other chakra in the body.

Intro to Mantra Meditation
An excellent starting point for beginners and an important part of many advanced meditation methods.

Intro to Minfdulness Meditation
Learn the basics and value of paying attention on purpose.

Intro to Pranayama
You’ve been reminded to breathe but do you know how? Learn different ways to calm or invigorate the body through different breathing techniques such as breath of fire, alternate nostril breath and belly breath.

Kundalini Yoga is one of the oldest forms of yoga which combines breath work, mantras and physical postures in order to facilitate change physically, emotionally and spiritually. You will strengthen the spine as well as the nervous and glandular systems of the body. Kundalini is yoga for the mind, body and spirit.

Mantra Meditation
A mantra is a sound used to give your mind stability/support - something to rest upon. This guided meditation will introduce basic mantras and their meanings to guide and nourish your mind.

Meditation 101
Explore the many styles of meditation. Perfect for the newbie or the curious. Handouts will be given to help you continue your practice when you get home.

Meditation to Quiet the Mind
Come into the present moment with mindfulness meditation. This class guides you through steps of meditation with breath awareness and focusing the mind on a sound.

Meditating to Rumi's Poetry
Rumi, the great 13th century mystic poet, spent thirty years in the radiance of enlightenment. He expressed his awakened consciousness through his passionate poetry,
becoming a spiritual guide for future generations. Today he is the most widely read poet in the world. In this meditation we'll listen deeply to Rumi's words, immersing in the
beauty and blazing fire of his divine love. We'll invite him into our hearts to inspire and illuminate our lives.

Nature Yoga
Connect with nature on our private walking path by combining meditation, abdominal breathing, and standing yoga postures during this gentle yoga experience designed for everyone. (In case of inclement weather, Gentle Yoga will be held in the Willow Studio.)

Power Napping
With the help of props and pillows, you will be guided through a series of gentle stretches to promote total relaxation and rest. You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and revitalized.

Refine Your Asana
Whether you’re new to yoga or want some assistance on certain poses, this class will assist you in your yoga practice by using hands on adjustments along with directional cues to help you achieve a deeper and more controlled stretch.

Restorative Yoga
Nurture mind and body with this gentle class. All poses are done on the floor supported by yoga bolsters, cushions, and other props focusing on relaxing the body into restful postures.

Sun Salutations
Awaken your whole being and salute the sun! In this vigorous work-out, yogic postures blend to warm the body and enliven each major chakra center.

T’ai Chi
T’ai Chi, a once secret martial art, is now practiced worldwide. The seemingly simple graceful forms and effortless motions swirl and spiral round to unite the energies of the heavens and earth. Participate in the flow of the universal energy (Chi).

The Great Wall of Yoga
Come hang out with us in this off the wall class which uses gravity and adjustable straps to help open the spine and develop strong core muscles.

Vinyasa Flow
A flowing, dynamic form of yoga, linking smooth body movements with breath. Challenging postures will be used to help build endurance, flexibility and strength.

Walking Meditation
Learn standing postures for grounding and centering, while practicing the art of walking peacefully along the path to mindfulness and relaxation. This class is beneficial for releasing stress and deepening your awareness of the present moment.

Yoga For a Healthy Back
Improve overall back health by strengthening core muscles, increasing flexibility, and enhancing breathing capacity and awareness.

Yoga for Beginners
Learn the basics you'll need to begin exploring the wonderful world of yoga.

Yoga for Restful Sleep
Enjoy a blissful combination of mindful stretching, relaxation and breathing that will ease the day’s cares from your body and mind.

So much to do, so little time. Get the best of both worlds with this yoga fusion class combining yoga and Pilates.