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Outdoor Adventures

Garden Programs

The Lodge at Woodloch has always been known for its focus on nature. Regular workshops will be an integral part of the activities calendar including cultural practices and seasonal tips and suggestions. With the help of Master Gardener, Alison Peck, The Lodge is giving guests the opportunity to "get their hands dirty" - a natural fit with the spa's philosophy of personal awakening. Alison is also available for one-on-one sessions for guests looking for advice on growing a successful garden, whether on a fire-escape in New York City or in a lush backyard in the suburbs.

Behind the Scenes at the Farm-to-Table Garden
We are ready to share our secrets. Join Kyle and the team as they walk you through the rain water collection system that was built on property and other important items that help keep our garden in perfect condition. These systems are eco-friendly, low cost and great do-it-yourself projects for your home garden.

Companion Planting

Join our garden team for this informative and fun workshop. Certain plant combinations not only add to a beautiful garden, they also work together to create an environment that will encourage growth and an overall healthy garden. Discover these combinations and their benefits and bring your new knowledge to your home garden!

Garden Walk
Our Garden Adventure team will lead you through the 3 beautiful gardens that dot the landscape here at The Lodge at Woodloch. From healing herbs to farm fresh vegetables to fragrant cut flowers each garden has an array of plants for all to enjoy.

Gardening Q&A
Whether you have been a gardener for many seasons or are just starting out, this class is just the class for you! Bring your gardening questions and thoughts and our Master Gardener and her team will help guide you to the answers.

Gardener’s Tools
It is difficult to know which garden tools are necessary and which ones will last season after season. Join The Lodge at Woodloch garden team and take a peek in our tool shed to find the must haves for any garden project.

Green Thumb Therapy
Whether a natural green thumb or green-thumb challenged, Master Gardener Alison Peck will help you foster the relationship between earth and thumb. Join Alison and her team as they teach you the proper techniques to grow a successful garden.

The Gardener Is In
Our Master Gardener, Alison, will be working and available in our Farm to Table Garden to field any of your questions surrounding seasonal garden productivity, seed saving, and preparing the garden for the upcoming growing season.

Gain techniques to create your own decorations made from items found in nature, either for display outside of your home or for bringing the outdoors inside.  A collection of items to inspire your own creativity, easily found in nature or grocery stores, will be available to make a wreath or arrangement to take with you.  Class attendance is limited; please sign up through our Spa Concierge.