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Poconos Activities

Outdoor Adventures


Open Kayaking
Our very own Little Lake Teedyuskung is a unique and rare ecosystem, also a cranberry bog, and home to many turtles, mammals and birds. Kayaks are available and staff is on hand to assist so you may explore our beautiful lake at your own leisure.

Evening Kayaking
End your day with a relaxing, guided exploration of the lake and wetlands as the lilies close and the fish seek out the evening hatch. Ducks, blue herons, and beavers are frequently encountered as they too prepare for the night.

Discovery Kayaking
Enjoy a leisurely paddle around our lake as the morning mist lifts and the wildlife welcomes a new day. A guide will be with you to offer insight and interesting facts about this truly unique eco-system and its inhabitants. Let the calming sounds of the water and the strokes of the paddle set your pace for the rest of the day.

Fitness Kayaking
Experience a great upper-body work out on our scenic Little Lake Teedyuskung through a series of unique drills and exercises focusing on stamina and maneuverability. Fun and challenging at the same time, it is ideal for novice and advanced kayakers alike.

River Kayaking ($)
Paddle your way downriver through some of the most scenic areas of the Upper Delaware River. Calm stretches are broken up several times by exciting rapids on this 7 mile, guide-led trip where waterfowl and Bald Eagle sighting are common. Actual paddling time on-river is about 3 hours, but varies on conditions. This will be a combined activity with our sister property and children 13 and up will be allowed to participate. There is a fee for this activity. Please inquire with the Spa Concierge for more information.