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Beauty Weekend - June 5th - 7th

The Lodge at Woodloch understands the desire to look and feel beautiful. Join us for a weekend dedicated to letting your beauty shine - from the inside out.

The Lodge at Woodloch has pooled its resources and expertise from its top partners to bring an intensive weekend of beauty and learning.  Participating partners include Kerstin Florian, Naturopathica, Zents, Organic Male and Make-Up Designory, collectively bringing decades of experience and knowledge about makeup, skincare, and nails.

Friday, June 5th
Meet the Beauty Pros Cocktail Hour                      
Mix and mingle with the beauty and wellness experts. The cocktail hour will provide a perfect opportunity for one-on-one advice or tips for the weekend.

Skin Care Ingredients and Green Chemistry
What companies are doing to be eco-conscious both environmentally and in terms of consumer safety with Mike Bruggeman, founder and CEO of Organic Male OM4
As consumers become more aware of the ingredients they put in their bodies, the spot light is turning toward the ingredients we put on our bodies.  The food industry is highly regulated and personal care not.  Learn what innovative product developers are doing to push the green science envelope taking ingredient sourcing, formulations and results to a WHOLE new level.  Learn what is in your products and how the new frontier of green chemistry will soon make cheap synthetics and petrochemicals obsolete.

Saturday, June 6th
Complimentary Beauty Mini-Treatments*
Representatives from each beauty partner, along with our expert spa staff, will provide mini-treatments of their latest feature services.  *Mini-treatment appointments are required in advance.  

Zents: Hand and Foot Ritual
This mini ritual uses products infused with luxurious organic Shea butter to leave your hands and feet deeply hydrated.  Each session includes a personalized scent journey.  15 minutes

Kerstin Florian:  Eye Rescue Treatments
Instantly improve dark circles, fine lines and puffiness with this quick, all-natural and soothing Eye Rescue.  Improves clarity and totally rejuvenates this delicate area for brighter, more luminescent eyes.  15 minutes.

Naturopathica: Juice up your Skin Mini Facial
Let your skin drink up the benefits of a daily dose of Vitamin C.  Come experience how potent peptides with combined with corrective cosmeceuticals help firm, brighten and dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles revealing a younger, healthier complexion.  15 minutes

Organic Male: Men's Skin Fitness Treatment
Men’s skin differs significantly from women’s skin – we address this with a treatment and Organic Male products exclusively designed by men, for men. We’ll quickly improve your skin, address your concerns and show you how to protect your appearance with an easy routine that requires less than 4 minutes to apply.   20 minutes.

Makeup Designory: Mini Makeup Applications
Explore a new look, and allow our expert makeup artist  to transform your appearance so you look natural, polished, and confident!

Best Practice Shaving and Grooming Routines
with Mike Bruggeman, founder and CEO of Organic Male OM4
Men, don’t pretend you don’t care about your looks and how you are aging?  See how the biological differences in male and female skin call for innovative male-specific grooming products.  Spend a few minutes to learn how your skin ages and how you can look your best at any age and slow the clock.  We will also explore best practice shaving and how to address common shaving-related skin concerns.

Pharmacy of Flowers
with Lisa Marie Jaconi, VP of Sales and Education for Naturopathica
Learn how exquisite blends of rare plant essences and botanical extracts offer a range of therapeutic benefits to increase health and vitality.  Unscrew the cap and let the possibilities begin.

Sunday, June 7th
Cliff Park Hike
with our Outdoor Adventure Team and Mike Bruggeman, founder and CEO of Organic Male OM4
Join Mike Bruggeman on this moderate 4.5 mile hike which travels mostly hilly wide trails to Hacker’s Falls and returns via cliff side trail with sweeping overlooks of the Delaware River below. Gain views of Raymondskill Falls before departing the area.

Perfume Bottle Drawing

with our Art Instructor, Debra McGinniss and Erica Swaya and Emma Nowakowski form Kerstin Florian International
Come join us to create a lovely perfume bottle painting.  Using an easy traceable sketch with watercolor pencils and washes of paint, there is no experience needed to succeed.
Walk away with a wonderful momentum of a beauty weekend.

with Alison Peck, Master Gardener and Lisa Marie Jaconi, VP of Sales and Education for Naturopathica
Like a miniature greenhouse, these micro-worlds create their own natural water cycle to produce their own moisture. Your terrarium is yours to keep.  Cost is $10 per person.