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Jennessee Taylor - Author and Spa Director - July 18th

Jenessee Roy grew up in the mind-body, spa industry. Living in Southern California by age 16, Jenessee was shadowing her mother around the west coast, resort spa circuit. By age 19 she was running a private spa in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Today at 31, Jenessee can still be found running a resort spa in Aurora, Ohio where mind-body is a way of life. Jenessee developed a love for spirituality at a very your age and studied chakra theory and other metaphysical sciences until theory took a back seat to practice. Today Jenessee is an author, teacher, spa professional and practicing clairvoyant who teaches others about their own unique gifts and talents and how to become aware and attuned to the energy within the field around them. Jenessees' passion is to teach teachers, it is her goal to touch as many people as possible through education, and practice using mind-body techniques.

Saturday, July 18th
"Your Chakras', Your Energetic Field, & Your Divine Alignment"
We will begin with a 30-minute discussion on Chakra Theory, to understand how the chakra centers feed into your energetic field and learn how to begin the process of opening up to the more subtle fields surrounding your own conscious awareness. Jenessee will lead you through a 60-minute guided meditative journey exploring your own energetic field, here you will begin to understand where you may be holding onto patterns or personas that are inhibiting you from connecting fully. You will also be connected into your own intuitive channels where you will be encouraged to make a lasting connection for future work. Following the guided journey you will be able to connect as a group sharing your experiences together. Time will be reserved at the end for any closing questions. The goal of this workshop is to begin to comprehend your own divine alignment and how to continue to develop this connection once the workshop is over.