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Fly Fishing Weekend - October 2nd - 3rd

Amidea Daniel’s passion in life is outdoor education. She has traveled and fished with George all over the country and has been influenced by many of the same fly fishing personalities as her husband. Amidea has many outdoor pursuits including painting, photography and of course fly fishing. Her latest outdoor pursuit will be introducing her daughter, Evangeline and son Logan to the wonders of the outdoor world. Amidea’s enthusiasm and passion for fly fishing and its resources are unparalleled and her fever is contagious for anyone spending the day with her.

Friday October 2nd
" Lines"
8:30 pm
A presentation introducing the sport of fly fishing, what it means to individuals from all walks of life, and what it can mean to you not only as a beginner, but also as you progress and where it can take you in your life's journey.

Saturday October 3rd
Fly Fishing Workshop
9:00am – 4:00pm
All Day Workshop includes:

  • Spin fishing vs. fly fishing: What is the difference?
  • “Decoding fly fishing”: Equipment and how it works (basics
  • Knot tying: learn 3 essential knots
  • Flies (natural vs. tied imitations); “go to” flies; tour of fly shop & purchase essentials (e.g. flies; leaders; tippet material all participants receive 10% discount)
  • Basic casting: mechanics of the cast; demo of the roll cast; practice roll cast
  • Basic casting: demo overhead cast and practice tips
  • Rigging your rod
  • Reading the water
  • Demo of nymphing and/or dry flies depending on the water/day
  • On water instruction