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Speakers and Events

Summer Herbal Weekend - July 25th-27th

The Lodge at Woodloch’s Seasonal Herbal Weekend series focuses on herbs, treatments and activities that encourage balance and health in summertime. As summer is the time of activity and sunshine, holistic practices of the season encourage the body to remain cool, hydrated, and relaxed.  Specific herbs and dietary practices, especially those that benefit the heart and cool down circulation, help to harmonize the body with the season.  In addition to herbal approaches offered in presentations by The Lodge’s own Nathaniel Whitmore, Certified Master Herbalist, featured fitness classes will also be highlighted this weekend along with seasonal spa treatments to nourish, cool and renew vital energy. 

HERBAL INFUSIONS FOR SUMMERTIME - Herbal infusions have been used throughout the ages to counter the effects of summertime heat and activity.  Learn about common herbs like Peppermint, Purslane, and Dandelion that are used to keep us balanced in the warmer weather.

Friday, June 25th
The Gardener Is In
12:30pm - 3:00pm
Our Master Gardener, Alison, will be working and available in our Farm to Table Garden to field any of your questions surrounding seasonal garden productivity, seed saving, and preparing the garden for the upcoming growing season.

Herbal & Holistic Harmony with the Summer Season

Enjoy an introduction of the Chinese Five Element theory and additional seasonal considerations from other holistic traditions. This class will explore the energies of summertime and correspondences such as activity, adulthood, heat and inflammation, the full moon, the heart and circulation, and the mind. Learn about simple remedies to reduce heat and anxiety; and explore the significance of the Chinese Five Element theory in health assessment. 

Herbs for a Healthy Heart
Join Master Herbalist, Nathaniel Whitmore, to learn about herbs, such as Hawthorn and Motherwort, which are used to promote cardiovascular health and recovery from harmful imbalances. This class will cover the specifics of herb selection and preparation. Food and lifestyle considerations will also be discussed.

Decorating with Nature*
Gain techniques to create your own decorations made from items found in nature, either for display outside of your home or for bringing the outdoors inside. A collection of items to inspire your own creativity, easily found in nature or grocery stores, will be available to make a wreath or arrangement to take with you.
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Saturday, July 26th
Garden Walk*
Our Garden Adventure team will lead you through the 3 beautiful gardens that dot the landscape here at The Lodge at Woodloch. From healing herbs to farm fresh vegetables to fragrant cut flowers each garden has an array of plants for all to enjoy.
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Summer Skin Care
Learn about herbs that benefit the skin.  Preventative measures for sunburn and bug bites is covered as well as the home care of sunburn and bites, poison plant rashes and other summertime imbalances.

Seasonal Cooking Demonstration*
Our Guest Chef will be “cooking up” items that combine foods and herbs that correspond to the summer season with an emphasis on cooling the body. Local and organic foods such as berries, leafy greens, summer squash, will be paired with a variety of culinary herbs that are chosen for their health benefits.
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Beekeeping 101*
Join our Garden Team for an interactive Q&A on raising honey bees. They’ll discuss building up the hives, the equipment used to tend the bees, collecting honey, and how the bees impact our Garden and The Lodge.
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Summer Plant Walk*
Explore the lush summertime growth of the natural grounds and organic gardens of The Lodge at Woodloch with Master Herbalist, Nathaniel Whitmore. Discover how to identify certain plants and how many can be used for edible and medicinal purposes.
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The Physiology of Eating: Explore How Taste Influences Eating Patterns
Join guest nutritional chef, Jeanne Petrucci to explore the questions “are some people just born to like broccoli, blue cheese, and hot sauce?  Are you a ‘super-taster’?”   The one-hour interactive seminar will examine how taste influences what we eat.  Chocolate will be served.

Sunday, July 27th
Summertime Tea*
Begin to unwind with a selection of seasonal herbal teas blended to relax and cool down the body and mind. Four teas will be offered: Ayurveda Herbal Blend with Gotu Kola, Cooling Cleansing Wild Herbs with Chickweed, Calming blend with Lemon Balm, and Chinese Herbs for Summer Heat with Chrysanthemum – all intended to reduce the effects of summer heat and inflammation in the body as well as to calm nerves and relax the heart.
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Botany Walk*
Enjoy a tour of the Lodge's diverse flora while also exploring the science of botany. Learn about the plants and how to identify them, including how to use botany books and field guides and how to observe key characteristics of plants. The Botany Walk is led by Nathaniel Whitmore, The Lodge's Master Herbalist and shiatsu practioner, who initially studied botany as a forager and medicinal herb harvester.
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Seasonal Cooking Demonstration*
Our Guest Chef will be “cooking up” items that combine foods and herbs that correspond to the summer season with an emphasis on cooling the body. Local and organic foods such as berries, leafy greens, summer squash, will be paired with a variety of culinary herbs that are chosen for their health benefits.
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Featured Spa Treatment: Summer Herbal Retreat
Treat yourself with this relaxing and gentle body wrap, featuring the calming benefits of herbs and the healing properties of aloe! Your journey begins with an application of oils blended with lavender and citrus followed by an aloe mask to hydrate and nourish the skin, while a luxurious foot massage with a cooling peppermint cream soothes tired feet. A perfect way to welcome the summer season!
50 minutes

Featured Fitness Class: Heart Centered Yoga
Bringing awareness and acceptance, especially self- acceptance, into the heart can be quite powerful. This class combines a guided meditation focused on the Heart Chakra, with yoga postures that help open and energize the heart center.
Saturday, July 26th at 11:00am