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Pennsylvania Activities

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Jeanne Petrucci, Nutrition Educator and Culinary Instructor - April 17th-19th

As the founder of Living Plate®, Jeanne provides comprehensive nutritional education and culinary instruction using a variety of educational strategies and environmental supports that encourage self-sustaining, healthy eating behaviors. Living Plate® educational programs enable individuals to bring life-giving, delicious foods into their kitchens. 

Jeanne's passion for nutritional education stems from her time as a private cooking instructor over the past 15 years. Although her culinary experience is grounded in cuisines ranging from Thai to Mediterranean, Jeanne's focus as a nutrition educator is guided by the scientifically-evidenced belief that a diet rich in whole, plant-based foods is optimal. She is currently a second year M.S. Nutrition Education Candidate and Registered Dietitian Candidate at Teachers College of Columbia University.

Friday April 17th
Gut Microbes: Why We Need Them, Why We Feed Them
8:30 PM
The community of more than one hundred trillion microorganisms residing in our guts influences our health. Join Jeanne Petrucci, Nutrition Educator, for a one-hour workshop to explore why your gut flora is important and ways to optimize it through nutrition.

Saturday, April 18th
Cooking Demonstration