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Lisa Alexander, Quantum MetaPhysician - May 8th-10th

We are excited to welcome back Lisa Alexander, Certified Vibrational Sound & Energy Practicioner, and Certified Intuitive, for a weekend of inspirational presentations.

Lisa Alexander is a Quantum Metaphysician, a healing practitioner highlighting the basic interconnectedness of our universe, where everything is energy - a teaming electromagnetic field of potential. She is an Intuitive, Life Coach, Speaker and a Certified SomaEnergetics™ Vibrational Sound Practitioner. With uniquely-designed tuning forks, calibrated to the same frequencies as ancient Solfeggio tones, Lisa is able to help individuals optimize their energy, assisting the body to heal itself (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) by facilitating the release and stimulating the flow of blocked energy. Through elevating your vibrational rate, greater joy, peace, health, and ease unfolds in your life.

• Provides instantaneous release of stress putting you into a deep state of relaxation
• Clears, aligns & balances the body’s energy system, the chakras
• Reduces depression, anxiety & addictions
• Increases your level of physical energy and mental concentration & clarity
• Improves circulation and the flow of spinal fluid
• Stimulates the release of nitric oxide allowing the body to heal at a deep cellular level
• Regulates and balances hormones
• Helps you sleep more soundly and dream more vividly
• Helps detoxify your body, mind & soul
• Reduces arthritis, back and other pain
•Develops and refines your sonic, intuitive and clairvoyant ability

Friday, May 8th
Understanding the Chakra Energy System
 Ancient Eastern Medicine focuses on the energy centers of the body, often referred to as Qi, vital energy or life force. If Qi flows, one is healthy. If Qi is blocked or unbalanced, one is sick. Understanding the Chakra system and how this energy functions can help open up a pathway to physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Explore how to become aware and understand your chakras and begin to release energy stagnation and imbalances in your body for greater clarity and well-being in your life.

Saturday, May 9th
The Secret to the Secret: Vibrational Energy
Science has shown that everything in the Universe has a vibration. Metaphysics has shown that the higher your personal vibrational frequency, the better everything is in your life. Beyond just positive thinking, learn to raise your vibrational rate and how to help shift your body, mind and spirit into proper alignment in order to vibrate at a frequency with what you desire.

Sunday, May 10th
Divinely Guided Conversations
Join Lisa for a casual Q & A for an enlightening introduction of divinely guided Energy Healing and what it can mean for you. Gain a better understanding of your energy field and learn tips on how to keep your chakra energy opened, flowing and balanced. Develop a greater understanding of energy healing and how to gain and maintain a euphoric feeling. Curiosity and questions are welcome.

Lisa is also available for private sessions that can help to clear and balance blockages throughout your energy system, raising your vibrational frequency to attract what you desire and live a healthier life. Integrative Vibrational Energy Therapy can begin to raise and open your vibrational energy flow in just one session. Sign contact our Spa Concierge for more information.