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Speakers and Events

Lisa Alexander - Quantum MetaPhysician -May 9th-11th

We are excited to welcome back Lisa Alexander, Certified Vibrational Sound & Energy Practicioner, and Certified Intuitive, for a weekend of inspirational presentations.

May 9th-11th
July 11th-13th


Lisa Alexander, LEED AP, is a Quantum MetaPhysician, Certified SomaEnergetics Sound Practitioner™, Certified Intuitive/Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, and Speaker.  She has recently sky-rocketed as an in-demand Intuitive Energy Healer working with celebrities and fortune 500 executives.

Lisa had her first out of body or near death experience at the young age of 7, many years before the idea of this ever came out in the public. Throughout her life she had various clairvoyant experiences and contact with entities on the other side, but her strong educational background caused her to ignore these incidences.

After college, Lisa went to NYC to work for an engineering firm. Here she was soon discovered by a TV commercial producer that she was designing an office for. This launched a decade long successful international modeling and acting career. This career came to sudden halt with the unexpected death of her beloved father. Lisa then decided to leave her life behind in NY to return to her home state of Pennsylvania to be her ill mother's care giver.

A series of traumatic life events followed over the course of the next decade that made it impossible to keep ignoring her intuitive and healing abilities. Taking away the life she knew, the universe finally awoken her to her true life's path and calling. 

Friday, May 9th & Saturday, May 10th
Tune into the Vibrational High
Open yourself to your heart center to connect to your mind, body and soul in a more powerful union to access higher levels of consciousness, health and intuition. Come see Lisa Alexander, who will help you raise your vibrational frequency to live a healthier and more heart centered & intuitive life.

Lisa specializes in Vibrational Healing which is a unique modality that balances, aligns, opens & connects all of your chakras, and clears away any blockages in your internal energy system. These blockages can create disease and uncomfort, or “lack” in your life. Once cleared of these blockages and having your chakras re-aligned, balanced and connected to your heart center, you will raise your vibrational frequency to begin to live a happier and more joyful life filled with love, peace, intuition & abundance in every area.

Private Consultations are available through the Spa Concierge.