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Speakers and Events

Maureen Calamia - Feng Shui Consultant - May 23rd-25th

Maureen is an industry leader in feng shui and incorporates principles of bau biology, environmental psychology and biophilic design into her work. This unique focus allows her to provide the most comprehensive assessment and most effective solutions to further professional and personal goals.

Friday, May 23rd
Introduction to Dowsing and Working with Energy
In this workshop you will make your own set of dowsing rods and learn the basics of dowsing including working with human energy, energy from indoor spaces and with natural earth energy. We will have an overview of geopathic stress, how it affects your physical, emotional, and spiritual health and how you can detect it in your space. Most importantly, you will learn how your own energy affects everything you do and everyone and every space you come into contact with. Dowsing is an ancient practice, originally used (and still used to this day!) to detect water in the ground. However, the practice of dowsing is a pathway to learn about your spiritual self. We'll provide a pair of wire hangers that you’ll use to create your own rods.

Saturday, May 24th
Bringing Nature into Our Spaces through Biophilic Design
Research proves that our environments have a significant impact on how we think, feel and behave and have the potential to drain or contribute to our well-being. Maureen K. Calamia, Feng Shui expert, will discuss the idea of biophilia (our inherent need to connect with nature) and how ancient wisdom and modern thought are changing how we live in the modern world. This new trend is beyond eco-friendly behavior and “green” building; it’s a movement to live and work in more human-friendly spaces that have an impact on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Sunday, May 25th
Tour of the Lodge at Woodloch/Biophilic Design Principles
Your car pulls up and you are immediately feeling at ease. Stress and tension melt away. Are you just a bit curious how the designers of The Lodge at Woodloch have been able to elicit that response? Tour the beautiful buildings and surrounding environment and learn some of the basic principles of biophilic design. Feng Shui expert Maureen K. Calamia will show you how you can enhance your space, using a blend of these ancient and modern ideas.