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Pennsylvania Activities

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Maggie Mistal, Career Consultant - June 26th - 27th

In her successful  career consulting practice, Maggie Mistal helps people  Soul Search, Research and Job Search into their ideal careers.  CNN dubbed her “one of the nation’s best known career coaches.”  Maggie’s hosted a career talk show on SIRIUSXM, millions have watched her videos and appearances on YouTube, CNN, Fox Business and The Today Show and others have read her advice in The New York Times, USA Today, & Money magazine to name a few.

Maggie also coaches executives on managing their careers for the most success and fulfillment.  Her motivational advice to combine passion, talent and mindset with career has transformed the lives of her listeners, viewers and clients. Maggie’s infectious energy and positive attitude are a breath of fresh air for weary workers.

With her spare time, Maggie has been known to paint and sing cabaret.  Her off-Broadway show is aptly titled  “Follow Your Dreams.”  To listen to Maggie’s podcast, watch her videos and find out more about her coaching services, visit her website at and follow her on  Facebook,  Twitter,  LinkedIn and  YouTube.

Friday June 26th
Empowering Yourself to Create Your Ideal Career
A quick look at a few yet powerful exercises to give people an introduction to the tools used in my proven Soul Search, Research and Job Search process.  Participants will be enabled and empowered to change their lives through creating their ideal careers. 


Saturday June 27th
Mastering an Effective Mindset For Career Happiness & Success
Learn how your thoughts can both help and hurt your career, how to change your mind to have better career success and the five keys to maintaining the proper mindset to sustain your career for the long-term.