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Michele Phillips - Speaker and Author - June 20th-22nd

Author of Happiness is a Habit – Simple Daily Rituals That Increase Energy, Improve Well-Being and Add Joy to Every Day.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people were able to develop a series of powerful positive habits that enabled their lives to run on autopilot in the direction of their goals and dreams? Michele Phillips has dedicated the last 25 years of her life educating and applying the lessons she shares. She is a living testament to what works and what doesn’t. She’s uncovered that happy people have happy habits. She also believes the beauty of habits is that they are mostly unconscious. In fact, over 90 percent of what we do every day is habitual and done without thinking or using energy.

Michele’s new book Happiness is a Habit: Simple Daily Rituals that Increase Energy, Improve Energy, Improve Well Being, and Add Joy to Every Day, combines the science of happiness (positive psychology) and what we know about health and fitness with the undeniable power of habits to create an easy to implement method for building confidence, while improving life and raising happiness levels at the same time. Readers will learn to unleash the power of creating positive habits.

Michele wants to show everyone how they can create their own positive habits to help them reach their personal and professional goals.

Michele Phillips is a Peak Performance Expert, speaker and the owner of Key Performance. Michele has been serving Fortune 500 companies like TAG Heuer, Verizon Wireless, Barclays and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals since 1998. She’s trained thousands of leaders and individual contributors in peak performance and healthy habits. Michele hold’s Master’s Degree in Organizational Development from Fordham University, and she has been featured on numerous radio and television shows. Her boundless energy and her can do attitude is infectious.

Friday, June 20th
The Habits of “Happy People”
It isn’t that happy people have no problems, but that they have better coping skills, resiliency and optimism. Learn why this is important for your well-being and how easily you can apply their habits to your own life.

Saturday, June 21st
How to Create Happy Habits
Happiness is a Habit is not about depravation, but about growth.  By simply adding one simple habit every 90-Days you will amass 20 positive habits in only 5 years time. You then become the source of your good feelings and happiness.  This session will look at specific mental, physical, spiritual and emotional habits that can change the direction of your life immediately.

Sunday, June 22nd
Happiness & Self-Discovery
The better you know yourself, the more genuine you are and in the end, the happier you become.  Learn ways to tune in and tap into the beauty that resides deep within you. In a world that is moving way to fast, slowing down to listen to the song of your own heart is the greatest gift you can give yourself.