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Nathaniel Whitmore - Master Herbalist

Nathaniel Whitmore, The Lodge at Woodloch’s Master Herbalist, was introduced to herbs at a young age by a folk herbalist who harvested American Ginseng and other herbs. Wildcrafting, the practice of harvesting plants from their natural habitats for food or medicinal purposes, continues to be a central focus of Nathaniel's work. He is recognized as an expert on wild edible and medicinal plants and mushrooms, and makes teas, tinctures, cough syrups, poultices, and salves from hundreds of wild medicinal herbs.

In addition to his broad training in Herbology theory, including Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, he became grounded in the Far Eastern theory of yin and yang through his studies in Macrobiotics, Shiatsu (acupressure), and martial arts, including chi gung and goju ryu.

Nathaniel’s presentations at The Lodge at Woodloch are intended to introduce yin and yang theory in a simple and practical way. His class offerings include presentations on diet, general herbal medicine, subjects such as allergies, and informative sessions on the metaphorical significance of The Lodge's symbol of the lotus, and the chakras. Through these presentations he illustrates how yin and yang theory has been used in essence and in different languages by all traditional people, a concept he learned through studying various traditions such as Chinese medicine, Ayurveda –an ancient Indian medicine, Native American medicine, and traditional Western medicine. He intends for his classes to give participants a practical understanding of this ancient and universal theory.

Nathaniel Whitmore studied shiatsu at the Kushi Institute and continued to train with the Endless Mountains School of Shiatsu. He has also studied reflexology, reiki, and other traditional palm-healing modalities.

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