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Speakers and Events

Winter Herbal Retreat - January 9th-11th

In this featured workshop weekend, The Lodge at Woodloch presents offerings to help you create herbal and holistic harmony with the season. Guests will be introduced to herbal approaches through classes by our Master Herbalist Nathaniel Whitmore as well as exercises and seasonal spa treatments to nourish vital energy and promote longevity, providing benefits to the back, kidneys, bladder, adrenal glands and reproductive systems in harmony with the season. Sessions can be taken as a series, or each class can stand alone individually to provide insight and practical guidance.

Friday, January 9th
Winter Tea

Join us in sampling a selection of herbal teas and explore how these healing teas can be incorporated to help harmonize the body and mind with the time of year. This introductory session includes an overview of herbal uses in wintertime and herbal remedies for various seasonal ailments.
Creating Herbal and Holistic Harmony with the Winter Season
Explore an introduction of the 5 Chinese elements and other traditional philosophies driving the theory behind creating herbal and holistic harmony with the seasons. This session delves into the energy of winter and its correspondences of the new moon, the direction of north, self-reflection, meditation, rest, sleep, dreams, the back, the kidneys and bladder, reproductive systems, adrenal energy and longevity and explains how harmony with these correspondences will result in better health and wellness throughout this time of year. Discover foods that relate to this philosophy and how they can be incorporated into your diet.
Saturday, January 10th
Tonics Herbs and Vitality
Learn about herbs to boost vitality, increase overall health, and ward off illness.  Herbs that nourish energy and warm the body are important for maintaining balance during wintertime.  Herbs like Ginseng, Reishi, and Rhodiola are among the most famous, but few know their benefit.  Learn how to select the most important tonic herbs for your constitution.

Herbs and Affirmations 
Join  Nathaniel  as he shares his wisdom and knowledge of the mind body connection and the power of herbs.  Explore the interconnectedness between the chakras, herbs and thoughts. Gain insight on how to maintain balance of mind, body and spirit.

Sunday, January 11th
Staying Healthy in Winter
Herbalist Nathaniel Whitmore leads guests through this 50-minute workshop on how to use herbs to boost immunity and establish health for the season. Nathaniel introduces medicinal herbs for immunity tonics, diaphoretics (surface-relieving herbs), and expectorants (herbs that help to clear the lungs) and establishes different ways to prepare the herbs for maximum benefits. Gain resources, practical advice on herbal remedies and valuable insight as to how herbs can be used to fight colds and the flu. Nathaniel specializes in wild edible and medicinal plants, Herbology and whole food dietetics. Private consultations are also available through our Spa Concierge.
Seasonal Cooking Demonstration
Our Chef and Master Herbalist Nathaniel Whitmore will be “cooking up” items that combine foods and herbs that correspond to the winter season and offer healing qualities. Local and organic foods will be chosen and used for their seasonal benefits along with seeds, beans, nuts and grains for their flavorful and healthy ways.

Featured Spa Treatment:
Herbal Retreat
Enjoy a warming winter retreat that starts with a gentle customized massage with oils of evergreen, pine & red mandarin to increase circulation and soothe tired muscles. Focus on the kidneys and meridian points help stimulate the internal organs and boost the lymphatic system. A gentle wrap soothes achy joints while a hair and scalp treatment hydrates where it is needed most during this season! A perfect way to relax and recover from the winter weather!
75 minutes
Featured Fitness Class:
Water Element Qigong: Movement & Meditation to Open our Awareness of the Water Element
Gentle exercises focus our awareness on the kidneys, opening up chi flow around the kidneys, adrenal glands and reproductive organs. Then we dive deeper into Ocean Breathing, connecting to the water element within us as well as all around us in Nature.
Class Times: Friday, January 9th at 2:00pm