Stone cairn on the labyrinth at The Lodge at Woodloch

Bee's Knees Week

Here at The Lodge at Woodloch, we take great pride in our honeybees and their hives. Aside from making nutritious, delicious honey, the honeybee is also a dynamo in the garden, visiting flowers at a dizzying pace all growing-season long, helping gardeners’ and farmers’ plants with pollination. They are also a “litmus test” for the environmental stability - if the bee is not doing well, the environment is not doing well.

Crafted specially for this week, enjoy a Bee’s Knees cocktail, made with Barr Hill Gin, lemon juice, and honey. Proceeds from every Bee’s Knees cocktail served during the week will go to building educational beehives.

Join us as we celebrate this tiny but mighty creature with the sweet class selections below!
Thursday, September 26th
Garden Dinner($)*
Kick off our celebrated garden dinner with a visit to our beehives! You’ll see them in action and learn a few fun facts about their habits and routines. Following that, enjoy a 4-course Garden Dinner with a Sommelier-selected wine pairing.

Friday, September 27th 
Ritual of Tea*
It is no secret that tea may be the perfect complement to the rush of a busy, complicated life. Come join our Naturalist Joshua for tea and we will show you how to make your favorite tea time into a mindful experience that also connects you more deeply to the Earth and the environment surrounding you. 

Healthy Desserts Made Easy*
In this class we will show you how to satisfy your sweet tooth by making easy and delicious desserts using only healthy, natural ingredients, including freshly harvested honey from our Blackmore Farm!

Saturday, September 28th
Honey Extraction
As we gear up for Autumn, our honeybees have reached the end of their harvest season. Join our beekeepers as they extract frames of honey from our very own hives.

Q&A with Farmers
Come sit down with our farmers for an open ended discussion on all thing agriculture. Topics may include organic vs conventional growing, CSAs, good and bad bugs, or anything else you’re interested in. We’re always ready and able to help you plan your own garden. Bring your Q’s ‘cause we’ve got the A’s!

Sunday, September 29th
A Taste of Kombucha
Jun Tea (green Kombucha), is sparkling probiotic drink with live cultures and beneficial acids. This fermented tonic is made of green tea and raw honey. Just like kombucha, Jun helps create balance in the digestive system and can alleviate digestive problems and discomfort. Jun can also boost the immune system, and help increase energy.

Monday, September 30th 
Apples and Honey
With honey harvested from our own hives and apples picked from our own orchard, we couldn’t think of a sweeter way to celebrate new beginnings. Visit the farm between the hours of 9 AM and 3 PM for a sweet treat!

*Please sign-up for these activities with our Spa Concierge.