Stone cairn on the labyrinth at The Lodge at Woodloch

March 2020:
Nutrition & Balance

During the month of March we celebrate National Nutrition Month, as well as witness the coming of the Spring Equinox. The Spring Equinox is one of only two days a year when day and night are equal in length, when the Sun’s yearly cycle is perfectly balanced between the Northern and Southern hemispheres. In our minds, it seems a natural fit to pair these important parts of wellness into a monthly celebration of both balanced nutrition habits and a more centered way of life. 

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Maureen Calamia, Feng Shui Expert

March 6th - 8th
Maureen Calamia is a founder of Luminous Spaces Feng Shui School and Re-Nature Consulting as a corporate speaker and retreat leader. An expert in energy, mindfulness, stress management and consciousness, she helps her clients restore greater wellbeing by tapping into the Five Element archetypes. Maureen merges the wisdom of feng shui and earth energy healing with biophilia, our need to be truly connected to the natural world for joy and wellbeing. Author of Creating Luminous Spaces (Conari Press, 2018) she empowers others to discover and nourish their True Nature in their inner and outer spaces. Maureen has written for Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, MindBodyGreen, and OMTimes Magazine. She lives in St. James, NY. Visit Maureen at

Friday March 6th
Balance with the Five Elements in Nature with Forest Bathing 
According to Eastern philosophy, the natural world is comprised of five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These elements support each other and create the appropriate dynamic tension required for all of life to thrive. Nature is inherently in balance. Join our Certified Forest Bathing experts for a slow and contemplative walk that will focus on keeping the body and mind in the present while teaching how to observe and learn from these elements of nature. Enjoy the healing powers of the nature that surrounds us. Throughout this session guest speaker Maureen Calamia will also share how you can feel more empowered, more mindful and bring these simple techniques home to deepen this connection in your life.

Center to the Home: Key to Balance
The Chinese concept of yin and yang is all about balance. Yin represents the feminine – soft, quiet, reflective – whereas yang represents the masculine – hard, loud, active. These adjectives are a great metaphor and help us to restore balance in our living spaces and in our lives. See how you can create more harmony and balance in your home, and therefore, your life, by learning some tips that Maureen shares to make small adjustments. Remember, there is no “there” in achieving balance but a process of mindful awareness of harmony. 

Saturday March 7th
Sacred Space – Creating an Altar
In our hurried and technology-driven lives, it’s important to slow down and breathe. Maureen will share why it’s wonderful to have an altar at home to help us establish a sacred practice, how to create our own unique altars, and how to activate them. We will spend some time in nature to do a visualization and then gather gifts from the natural world to use in creating our altars. Some basic items to round out a beautiful altar will be supplied, and you’ll be encouraged to take yours home. Maureen will also share some ideas of where it might best be located.   

Using Nature to De-Stress
One of the great causes of stress is when we are in disharmony with the natural world. Maureen shows how we can learn to de-stress and have greater harmony in our lives when we make simple changes to our home and workspace for greater support, empowerment and connection. Maureen guides the group to discover their personal stress response and Five Element archetype. She provides solutions to pause and re-direct stressful thoughts and actions, plus, minor workspace adjustments for each archetype (such as organizing or adding plants). 

Full Worm Moon
March 9th
Because we take our cues from nature, we have developed a Full Moon Series for 2020. Each month, we will pay homage to the beauty & wonderment that each unique full moon brings.

March’s full Moon goes by “Worm Moon” because earthworm casts appear from the thawing ground, heralding the return of robins. Northern tribes knew it as the Full Crow Moon; to the settlers, it was the Lenten Moon or the Full Sap Moon.

Full Moon Yoga: This yoga practice will calm the mind and draw your awareness inward. Moon Salutations are useful when energy is high and a tranquil, quiet presence is required. All Levels Welcome.

Pen and Ink Drawing: Let's embrace the Full Worm Moon by creating the full moon using inks!  This fun and easy class will inspire your hidden artist.

Full Moon Walk: Whether by boot or snowshoe, follow our Outdoor Adventure guide on a moonlit tour through our tranquil wooded 500 acres. Breathe in the crisp evening air and enjoy the natural sounds as we  tune out the chaos of life and tune in to the tranquil symphony of nature. Your Full Worm Moon journey will conclude with a cozy campfire and s’mores.  A perfect ending to a relaxing day! 

Diane Hoch, Nutritional Counselor
March 13th - 15th
Diane Hoch is a Certified Nutritional Health Counselor, Natural Foods Chef and Entrepreneur, leading the food evolution of the healthy family - one kitchen at a time. She is the CEO and Founder of The Food Evolution, a nutrition and cooking center designed to teach people how to create delicious and nutritious "whole foods" for themselves and their families. Diane also provides one-on-one nutritional counseling, available via phone, Skype, or in person to offer personal attention and support in your quest for vibrant health.

Soul Power Yoga

March 20th - 22nd
Leaving corporate America behind, sisters & founders of Soul Power Yoga, Cristal & Pooja carry over 20,000 diverse teaching hours. They bring ingenuity, humor, intensity and enriching knowledge to each practice. Soul Power Yoga practices are a systematic integration of purifying breathing techniques, powerful asana (yoga postures) and healing meditation innovatively sequenced in the moment. No class is ever the same but the sisters’ commitment to their students is constant in each class: Inspiring you to be authentic and embrace your unique gifts.

Friday March 20th
Spring Cleaning Meditation with Soul Power Yoga
On the 1st day of the Solstice, cleanse your mind, heart & soul.  Guided meditation and breath work to welcome energy of renewal & rebirth. No meditation experience required.

Saturday March 21st
Restore & Renew with Soul Power Yoga
Unite your body, mind and spirit's forces of effort and surrender through this deeply healing flow. Relieving tension in your legs, back & shoulders before melting into a healing meditation.  No yoga experience required. 

Power of Breath & Meditation with Soul Power Yoga
Stop to smell the roses this Spring with a deep breath & calm mind. We will begin by discussing the benefits of deep breathing and meditation.  Then let's go through a step by step breakdown of breath work to expand your lung capacity & guided introductory meditation. No experience required.

Sunday March 22nd
Detox Flow with Soul Power Yoga
A wonderfully vibrant welcome to Spring by detoxing the heaviness and welcoming lightness through this energetic flow.  Awakening each of our body's systems through dynamic movement of balance, strength & flexibility while practicing conscious breath-work throughout.  Melt into a healing meditation to release stress and make space for abundance & prosperity. Beginners welcome, Mixed Level Flow.  

Rich Reiter, Musician

March 27th-29th
Rich Reiter has been a Lodge favorite since we first opened. Participants drum together in this exhilarating and unifying activity. Reiter studied African drumming in Senegal and he brings many drums and percussion instruments for everyone to use (but bring yours if you have some). No musical training is necessary! Spiritual Drumming helps people experience a closeness with their fellow drummers and feel more exuberant about being powerfully alive. Richard Reiter is uniquely qualified to enhance your spa experience. He has a B.A. in Psychology, M.M. in Music Education, New Jersey Music Teacher Certification, and is a student of Arthur Hull (the guru of drum circles) as well as a nationally acclaimed jazz musician and Emmy Award winning composer. Reiter has attended workshops at Omega Institute, Morristown Hospital Mind/Body Center and Starseed Yoga, and has become one of the Northeast's most prominent drum circle facilitators. 

Friday, March 27th
Spiritual Drumming Circle 
Celebrate rhythm with musician Richard Reiter. Drum together in this exhilarating and unifying experience. Reiter, a nationally acclaimed jazz musician, studied African drumming in Senegal and brings drums and percussion instruments for everyone to use. No musical training necessary!  Spiritual Drumming creates a sense of community and exuberance about being powerfully alive! 

Saturday, March 28th
Spiritual Drumming Circle 
Celebrate rhythm with musician Richard Reiter. Drum together in this exhilarating and unifying experience. Reiter, a nationally acclaimed jazz musician, studied African drumming in Senegal and brings drums and percussion instruments for everyone to use. No musical training necessary!  Spiritual Drumming creates a sense of community and exuberance about being powerfully alive! 

Month-long Features: 
Fitness: What’s My Dosha 
Come learn the basics about doshas from the Indian medical system of Ayurveda! We will take a test to identify your particular doshas and learn how to use the dosha system to help you
gain more balance in your everyday life.

Outdoor Experiences: Maple Syrup Talk
Join our Outdoor Adventure team as we explore the sweet world of backyard maple syrup making. Guests will learn about the different species of Maples and some of the equipment used in Maple Sugaring. If conditions permit we will go outside look at taps, check the sap buckets and maybe even boil sap.

Art: Chakra Bead Class
Balance your chakras and lift your spirits by selecting from mala beads to create a beautiful and meaningful energy bracelet.

Treatments: Float Therapy
A hydrotherapy experience that provides a profound sense of relaxation and weightlessness with immediate healing qualities for the body, mind, and soul. The float cabin can be used as a sensory deprivation experience, as the water and solitude removes sound, light, and outside stimulants to allow for a unique meditative state. Or, choose to stimulate the senses by adjusting the lighting and music. With high levels of Epsom salts, the benefits of Float Therapy include the relief of muscular tension, joint inflammation, arthritic pain, and skin ailments, as well as improved sleep and concentration. Float Therapy can also help to reduce headaches, high blood pressure, and more. Float your worries away!

Nutrition: Achieving Balance with Nutrition
“Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine shall be thy food”- Hippocrates
Hippocrates wrote centuries ago of the direct connection between food and our health and longevity. Learn a fresh approach to healthy eating, and why such diet will have more influence in determining your longevity than your genetics. We will discuss simple ways to eat smarter in order to minimize inflammation and our exposure to toxins from food and the environment. Talia will be glad to answer any questions you have on food and digestion. Talia is a board certified holistic health and nutrition coach. Private consultations are also available through the Spa Concierge.