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Marci Alboher

Marci Alboher, a Vice President at, is one of the nation’s leading authorities on career issues and workplace trends. A former blogger and columnist for The New York Times, her latest book is “The Encore Career Handbook: How to Make a Living and a Difference in the Second Half of Life.” She is regularly called upon for commentary in media outlets around the world, and she has been interviewed by countless news organizations, including NBC’s Today and Nightly News, National Public Radio, AARP, the International Herald Tribune and USA Today. Marci serves on the board of directors of Girls Write Now and as a mentoreditor for The OpEd Project. Earlier in her career, Marci spent a decade practicing law.
Friday, December 27th
Purpose, Passion and a Paycheck -- at Any Stage of Life
Preparing for a new chapter of work? You're not alone. Millions of people are on a quest to keep learning and growing, to make a living and a difference. But how do you move from aspiration to action, from pondering to purpose -- in a paid role, as a volunteer, a mentor or the founder of something new? Join Marci Alboher, former career columnist for The New York Times and author of The Encore Career Handbook, for an informal conversation about finding meaning (and money!) at any stage of life. Come with your questions, as there will be plenty of time for Q&A.
Saturday, December 28th
Are You Living in an Age Bubble?
So many of us are increasingly living lives that are segregated by age. That segregation is behind much of the social isolation and disconnection people are feeling today. Of course we connect with older and younger people in our families, but how often do we do that in our communities. This workshop will address questions like: How can we restore the learning across generations that we all know is fundamental to human connection? How can work across generations for social change?  How can we bridge some of the generational divides so many of us our feeling these days?