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Spring Herbal Weekend - May 25th - 27th

Heather, aka The Botanical Hiker, is a Certified Herbalist, long-distance hiker, and author. She has thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail, North Carolina’s 1,200 mile Mountains to Sea Trail (twice), and set the record as the first person to hike the 1,000 mile Finger Lakes Trail System in one continuous trek. When not woods rambling or pulling back the petals on a botanical find, she educates and guides others into the natural world through workshops and guided hikes at The Lodge at Woodloch as the on property Naturalist as well as through other community endeavors. Last Spring, she published the second book in her Botanical Hiker Series: A Guide to the Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Finger Lakes Trail.

Friday, May 25th
Seasonal Foraging: Spring Edible and Medicinal Plants
Ever wonder what plants you could eat in the wild? Did you know that those weeds you pull from your garden could make a delicious salad? Interested in healthy eating and natural medicine? Join Heather, our Naturalist and Certified Herbalist, in discovering what edible and medicinal plants you may have growing near you. Class will consist of a slideshow of easy-to-find, simple-to-use, and delicious plants that can be found from woodlands to backyard to urban sidewalk. Bring your foraging questions!

Saturday, May 26th
Wild Crafted Infusions
Have you ever tried Pine Needle Tea? Ever wonder how Birch Beer got its name? Join our resident Naturalist as we brew up a medicinal tea using wild plants harvested from the forests and meadows of the Lodge. Learn how to identify, harvest, and prepare these same plants at home as well as their myriad of uses.

Herbs for Spring Cleansing
Spring is the perfect time to renew your health and the plant world is here to help! Coincidentally, many of our most cleansing plants become available mid-spring. Wild greens abound and roots are easy to dig. Join our Certified Herbalist and Naturalist, Heather, in learning how to identify these plants and the unique way in which each can work to rid the body of waste, weight, and stagnancy.

Sunday, May 27th
Q&A with an Appalachian Trail and Long Distance Hiker
The Appalachian Trail stretches 2175 from Georgia to Maine and takes 6 months to hike. Perhaps you have thought about going for a day-hike, hiked a portion yourself, or maybe even preparing for you very own thru-hike! Heather, our resident naturalist has hiked the trail from beginning to end. She has also thru-hiked North Carolina’s 1200 Mountains to Sea Trail twice, New York’s 1000 mile Finger Lakes Trail, and has just returned from thru-hiking New York’s 400 mile Long Path. She also goes by the name the Botanical Hiker, as she not only researches the wild plants she encounters along her treks but forages, incorporating the wild plants into her backcountry meals and medicines. To talk trail, pay Heather a visit! 

Botanical Hike
Take a hike with Heather, our resident naturalist, on a nearby trail to meet the plants up close and personal. Many of these plants are edible and/or medicinal and can be found on your favorite trails, in your backyard, and even along urban sidewalks. While immersed in the beauty of the woods, learn helpful hints for identifying these plants on your own and simple methods for harvesting and preparing these plants yourself for food and/or medicine at home. There will be many stops along our path to discuss the plants we see and the hike will be moderate in nature. Be sure to bring your camera and a notepad or smartphone for jotting down notes.

Herbs for Tranquility
Join our Naturalist and Certified Herbalist for a slideshow exploration of herbs useful in fostering relaxation and reducing anxiety. Many of these herbs are regional and may be found in your very own backyard. Learn how to harvest, prepare, and use these herbs to encourage a gentle calm throughout the day as well to ease your way into a deep sleep at night, leaving you refreshed and renewed.