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Power of Plants Weekend - August 2nd - 4th

Plants are one of nature’s most beneficial bounty! This weekend we will celebrate the myriad of benefits plants offer, from skincare and physical well-being, to mindfulness, stress-reduction, and even helping the planet!

Friday, August 2nd
Power of Plants Kickoff
Join us as we kick off our first annual Power of Plants weekend! Handcrafted cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres highlighting herbs and plants from the Lodge’s own gardens will be featured, along with our Chef and resident Wine Slinger who will talk about how those additions are beneficial.   Author Christina Daigneault who will be discussing her book Plant Powered Beauty will also join us.

An Exploration of Essential Oils
Learn about essential oils, the aromatic essence of plants, and how they affect the mind and body. The presentation will also include an aromatic journey with eight different essential oils for hands-on learning (and smelling!) to unearth their therapeutic qualities and skin-enhancing attributes.

Saturday, August 3rd
Garden Harvest ($)*
Learn to pick greens, herbs and vegetables the proper way to ensure healthy plants, and bountiful harvest. Weekly, different plants will be chosen, and guests will be able to take home a bag full of fresh organic produce as well as new skills as gardeners. Cost is $20 per person.
*Please sign-up for this activity with our Spa Concierge.

Wild Medicinal Tea*
Have you ever tried Pine Needle Tea? Join Heather, our Certified Herbalist, in brewing up a medicinal tea using wild plants harvested from the forests and meadows of Woodloch. Class will begin with a short walk to where we will meet the medicinal plant(s) in its natural habitat.
*Please sign-up for this activity with our Spa Concierge.

Botanical Hike*
Take a hike with Heather, our resident Certified Herbalist, on a nearby trail to meet the plants up close and personal. While immersed in the beauty of the woods, learn helpful hints for identifying these plants and simple methods for using them yourself.
*Please sign-up for this activity with our Spa Concierge.

Holistic Agriculture
The human being has the unique responsibility of being good stewards of the Earth. Join Sam, our orchardist and "Dirt Doctor", as he describes the many different ways we humans can utilize plants to restore vitality in the soil, produce abundance, and heal the planet.

Seasonal Foraging: Preserving Summer’s Bounty*
We have reveled throughout these warmer seasons in all things green and growing from wild edible plants along our favorite trails to our beloved cultivated medicinal and culinary herbs. With the change of seasons again approaching, there is no reason to say goodbye to the many benefits these green allies provide. Join Heather, Woodloch’s Certified Herbalist, for a presentation about both the wild plants available this time of year as well as common garden herbs that may be preserved for later use in herbal teas and unusual culinary delights!
*Please sign-up for this activity with our Spa Concierge.

How to Make a Facial Serum
Have you ever considered making your own plant-based skincare products?  In this demonstration, author Christina Daigneault will showcase one of the recipes in her book -- a facial serum (for men and women) -- while explaining how each plant-based ingredient works in concert with one another to nourish and heal skin.  Attendees will be able to touch and feel each ingredient and develop a deeper appreciation for plant-based skincare.

Sunday, August 4th
Compost Teas and Biodynamics
Join our Farmicist as he describes the many plants that can be utilized in the production of compost tea, a simple and easy to make liquid fertilizer that is as fun to create as it is effective in its use. Also discover an introduction to biodynamic agriculture and the spiritual science of nourishing the soil.

Forest Bathing*
With the power of plants and trees comes a decrease in stress-related hormones, a decrease in heart rates and lowered blood pressure. Join one of our Certified Forest Bathing experts for a slow and contemplative walk that will focus on keeping the body and mind in the present while teaching techniques for deep breathing and mind-body awareness. Come and enjoy the healing powers of the nature that surrounds us.
*Please sign-up for this activity with our Spa Concierge.

A Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils
A look into the world of Aromatherapy and essential oils. This introductory class will highlight the most common ways to utilize essential oils for a holistic compliment to your wellness routine. Discover how aromatherapy is the embodiment of letting nature nurture!