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Carly Sensenbrenner and Pamela Picard, Astrologers - September 7th - 9th

Carly Sensenbrenner LMT, RYT, RMT
Carly is an astrologer, licensed massage therapist, reiki practitioner, certified yoga and meditation teacher. She has been studying astrology for 10 years. She has taken many courses on astrology as well as taught classes on how to analyze and understand line ups in the birth chart. She gives in-depth readings over the phone as well as in person. To learn more about Carly you  can go to her website at

Pamela Picard, MRM™  ,RMT
Pamela Picard  is a Medical Reiki Master™/Teacher, an Astrology Birth Chart Guide and Meditation Teacher.  After taking her first Astrology Class with Carly Sensenbrenner in 2017, Pamela was hooked.  Pamela now offers "Life's Blueprints" for her clients to further help them on their journey in life. She finds it so exciting to uncover her clients special gifts and feels so blessed to offer them a deeper insight on why things are the way they are. For more information on Pamela's journey, you can check out her website 

Friday, September 7th
A Taste of Astrology Part I
Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered why am I here and what’s my purpose? Come join Carly Sensenbrenner and Pam Picard for “A Taste of Astrology” a beginner’s taste of what the signs and planets mean.  They will introduce you to Astrology and allow you to gain a deeper insight into parts of your personality, relationships and your special gifts that were given to you at birth.  It is recommended that you pre-register for this event with your BIRTH DATE, EXACT TIME OF BIRTH and LOCATION YOU WERE BORN to receive a copy of your own Life’s Blueprint. Handouts will be given out at this event. This class is offered by Carly Sensenbrenner, RMT, LMT, RYT and Pam Picard, CMRM™, RMT

Saturday, September 8th
Morning Sun Meditation
In Astrology, we obtain our life’s purpose from the Sun. It directs us and rules our inner power and strength. Explore your life’s purpose in this gentle Morning Sun Meditation perfect for all levels of practice.

A Taste of Astrology Part II
This class is Part 2 of “A Taste of Astrology”.  In this event, we will continue to learn more about the planets and what the houses are and their astrological meanings.  Handouts will be given to those who did not attend Part 1 of “A Taste of Astrology” so they can refer to them.  It is recommended that you pre-register for this event with your BIRTH DATE, EXACT TIME OF BIRTH and LOCATION YOU WERE BORN if you have not already done so to receive a copy of your own Life’s Blueprint.  If you attended Part 1 and received your Life’s Blueprint and handouts, please bring them with you to this event. This class is offered by Carly Sensenbrenner, RMT, LMT, RYT and Pam Picard, CMRM™, RMT

Private consultations are also available. Please see the Spa Concierge for more information.