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 Stone cairn on the labyrinth at The Lodge at Woodloch

January 2022

Explore exciting and educational events at The Lodge at Woodloch, featuring inspirational and motivational guest speakers, available to elevate your consciousness and personal awareness.
Astrologers Pam Pickard and Carly Sensenbrenner
Pamela Picard, Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher and Carly Sensenbrenner, Astrologer
January 1st - 3rd
Pamela Picard, MRM™, RMT
Pamela Picard  is a Medical Reiki Master™/Teacher, an Astrology Birth Chart Guide and Meditation Teacher.  After taking her first Astrology Class with Carly Sensenbrenner in 2017, Pamela was hooked.  Pamela now offers "Life's Blueprints" for her clients to further help them on their journey in life. She finds it so exciting to uncover her clients special gifts and feels so blessed to offer them a deeper insight on why things are the way they are. For more information on Pamela's journey, you can check out her website reikimedical.com.  

Carly Sensenbrenner LMT, RYT, RMT
Carly is an astrologer, licensed massage therapist, reiki practitioner, certified yoga and meditation teacher. She has been studying astrology for 10 years. She has taken many courses on astrology as well as taught classes on how to analyze and understand line ups in the birth chart. She gives in-depth readings over the phone as well as in person. To learn more about Carly you  can go to her website at Terraloka.com

Saturday, January 1st
A Taste of Astrology Presents “Discover your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign”
Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered why am I here and what’s my purpose? Come join Carly Sensenbrenner and Pam Picard for “A Taste of Astrology”, a discovery lecture of what the Sun, Moon and Rising signs mean within your Natal Birth Chart. During the lecture you will also learn about the astrological signs and houses.  Carly and Pam will introduce you to Astrology and offer you information that will help you gain a deeper insight into your personality, how you process emotions, and the energy you present to others.  Please pre-register for this event with your birth date, exact time of birth, and location you were born to receive a copy of your own Natal Birth Chart. Handouts will be given out at this event. 

Sunday, January 2nd
A Taste of Astrology Presents “Discover your Gifts, Talents & Personal Love Language”
This class will dive deep into the meaning of Venus and Jupiter and how the energies of these planets express themselves within your own Natal Birth Chart. Venus and Jupiter can show what you are naturally gifted at and how you share your gifts with others. You will also learn how Venus, The Planet of Love, also shows how you express yourself in relationships and love . Carly and Pam will also discuss the astrological signs and houses during this lecture. Please pre-register for this event with your birth date, exact time of birth, and location you were born to receive a copy of your own Natal Birth Chart. Handouts will be given out at this event. 

Feng Shui Expert Maureen Calamia
Maureen Calamia, Feng Shui Expert
January 7th - 9th
Author of Creating Luminous Spaces (Conari Press, 2018) Maureen empowers others to discover and nourish their connection to nature in both their inner and outer spaces. She is a corporate speaker and retreat leader (Re-Nature Consulting) and founder of Luminous Spaces Feng Shui School with courses on feng shui, biophilic design, mindfulness, and spirituality. Maureen has written for Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, MindBodyGreen, and OMTimes Magazine. She lives in St. James, NY. Visit Maureen at luminous-spaces.com

Friday, January 7th
Feng Shui Your Home!
Learn a few powerful tips on how you can bring more harmony into your space using Feng Shui. You will get tips on the front door, bedroom, and the home office.  You will get a copy of the Feng Shui Bagua Map and as a demonstration, Maureen will select one or two participants to demonstrate how the Bagua Map is applied to the home. 

Saturday, January 8th
The Power of Your Presence 
Do you want to have more peace and joy in your life? Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” His words were never truer than now, in 2022. Maureen will share how we can cultivate our “good chi” through the awareness of our presence, how we are “showing up” in the world, as well as a few exercises to try and perhaps “take home” with us. 
Discover Your Five Element Style
Each of the Five Natural Elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) has different personality traits, as well as different fashion styling. Learn which Element you are in a brief quiz and how you can “dress for success” no matter what task you are doing. Maureen will also show how to more authentically express yourself!  

Pine Cone on an Evergreen in Winter
Winter Herbal Weekend
January 14th - 16th
There’s something magical about the cold crisp air and stillness among the trees during the winter months. Among frozen ground and blankets of snow, hearty herbs, evergreen needles, and ground coverings still manage to push their way forth and provide us with much-needed nutritional benefits for the wintertime. Join Heather, Certified Herbalist, for a weekend celebrating these small natural wonders and all they can offer!

Friday, January 14th
Herbs & Teas for the Outdoor Enthusiast
The Lodge at Woodloch’s resident Naturalist Josh will discuss the power of herbs and teas for any outdoor adventure. Whether is a night around the campfire with friends or a day spend fat tire biking, there is a herbal infusion just right for the job. He will brew a few of his favorite teas and discuss the benefits. 

Saturday, January 15th
Herbs for Self-Care 
It's more important than ever to care for our personal health and well-being. Herbs can aid in supporting the physical body, the psyche, and play a part in soothing practices. There are so many simple ways to care for yourself, such as taking time for a healthful cup of tea, utilizing a calming tincture, or dabbing aromatic oils on pulse points.  And so much more. Join our Certified Herbalist, Heather to learn how to incorporate herbs into your self-care practice and nurture wellness.

Do-It-Yourself Herbal Salve ($)
Protect and nourish your skin with your very own hand-crafted herbal salve. Join our Certified Herbalist in preparing a salve perfect for preventing and treating dry and scratchy skin, cracked hands, and promoting the general wellness of your first line of defense against germs and bacteria - your precious skin. Take home your own tin of herbal salve and the knowledge of how to make your own salve for years to come. Cost is $20 per person. 

Sunday, January 16th
Seasonal Foraging: Edible and Medicinal Plants of Winter
Ever wonder what plants you could eat in the wild? Interested in healthy eating and natural medicine? Join Heather, our Certified Herbalist, in discovering what edible and medicinal plants you may have growing near you. Although it may seem as if our healing plants have retreated in our colder months, it is not so! Even in Winter, we have a wealth of edible and medicinal plants available to us. Class will consist of a slideshow of easy-to-find, simple-to-use, and delicious plants that can be found from woodlands to urban sidewalk. Bring your foraging questions.

Wild Medicinal Tea
Have you ever tried tea made from Birch bark and Pine needles? Why not spice up your sweet tea with Sweet Fern Tea? Join Heather, our Certified Herbalist, in sampling an herbal tea using wild plants harvested from the forests and meadows of Woodloch. Learn the myriad of uses for these plants and how to harvest and prepare them yourself.

Health and Wellness Coach Gemma Nastasi
Gemma Nastasi, Health and Wellness Coach
January 21st - 23rd
Gemma Nastasi is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach from the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching and an Associate Coach from the International Coaching Federation. She holds certifications in holistic nutrition, positive psychology, and life coaching. Her business is Gemma Health Coach, LLC, located in Red Bank, New Jersey. She is also a motivational keynote speaker and author. Gemma was recently an expert speaker on a Health Coaching panel at the Integrated Healthcare Symposium in New York, NY, in February 2020. She was also a speaker for Meridian's Woman Rock Event at the Paramount in Asbury Park, New Jersey, in October 2018. Gemma has authored two books: The Positive Psychology Diet: 21 Days to a Happier and Healthier Life and Happiness Is My Choice – A Practical Guide to Happiness, which are available to purchase on Amazon.com. Some of her published articles include Capitalize on Adversity and Do Not Make Resolutions—Set Goals. Gemma is also the happiness expert for Pink Wisdom, a digital-based destination for the woman seeking advice founded by actress Alison Chace. In her spare time, Gemma enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also loves healthy cooking and exploring healthy travel destinations. Her favorite quote is: "the teacher comes when the student is ready”.

Friday, January 21st
The Positive Psychology Diet – 21 Days to a Happier and Healthier Life
Did you ever wonder why some people are happier than others? What if I told you that you could increase your Happiness in 21 days? Studies on Happiness have shown that fifty percent of our Happiness is genetic, ten percent is life circumstances, and forty percent is controllable. Positive Psychology works with your forty percent to increase your Happiness and wellbeing. It takes 21 days to create a foundation for change. If you add positive tools each day for 21 days, you will create a positive life habit. This presentation and discussion will cover changing habits and setting SMART goals. The participants will complete a life satisfaction assessment which will include a discussion on a 21-Day Positivity Plan. The presentation will end with the participants filling out a goal sheet for their 21-Day Positivity Plan.

Saturday, January 22nd
Choose to Be Happier -12 Intentional Activities to Increase Your Happiness
You can choose to be happier. Studies have shown that happier people are healthier, have increased longevity, and are more successful. This presentation will cover the 12 intentional activities that research has shown will increase your Happiness. We will discuss how to implement the 12 activities into your life. Each participant will receive The Happiness Wheel to take home to remind them that they have the power to choose to be happier.

Bernadette Kozlowski, Certified Meditation Teacher
Bernadette Kozlowski, Certified Meditation Teacher

January 28th - 29th
Bernadette (Berni) Kozlowski is a professional meditation trainer who has worked with over 4500 people, in the US, and in Ireland including businesses such as P&G and Kirkland and Ellis and numerous schools and non-profits. She also works with a limited number of private clients. 
Teaching nationally and based in Cape May County, New Jersey, Berni helps you deal with stress and associated health issues by learning to skillfully access deep states of rest through a form of instinctive meditation that is easy, accessible, and doesn’t require sitting cross-legged on cushions. Results-oriented, Berni empowers you to tap into your innate ability to drop into deep rest by removing cultural and personal obstacles.

With a Master’s degree in Biology and 25 years of experience as an educator, Berni brings a research-based approach and an engaging, interactive teaching style as she trains you how to incorporate easy exercises into daily life in short spurts. Berni’s unique style of teaching meditation appeals to beginners as well as to those looking to refresh their practice. 

Friday, January 28th
Meditation for Racing Minds
We live complex lives in a complex world. It’s no wonder that our racing minds join us for meditation!  Learn how to meditate quickly and easily in a modern way that helps you effectively bring calm to your day, even if you have little spare time.  Quickly learn an approach based on the biology of the relaxation response that will help you have more mental clarity, greater happiness, less stress, & more self-awareness.  You’ll be guided in a gentle meditation and will take away some skills to practice on your own. The process is easier than you think!   

Saturday, January 29th
Breathing with Greater Ease  
Try something that athletes and singers and elite soldiers already know.  Learn and practice easy breathing techniques that can be done quickly to help you effectively bring calm to your day.  Regulate your nervous system by training yourself to consciously slow your breathing.   Mindfully slowing your breathing can lead to higher energy levels, mental clarity, and emotional stability, helping you rebound much faster from life's challenges.