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 Stone cairn on the labyrinth at The Lodge at Woodloch

March 2021:
Sleep + Rest

One of the cornerstones of wellness is a healthy sleep habit. Sleep and rest provide a myriad of benefits, including reduced stress, increased focus and productivity, and boosting your immune system. This month we will focus on how to better our sleeping habits, incorporate tips and tricks to make falling asleep easier, and learn about all of the ways a solid sleep schedule can enhance your overall wellbeing!

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Bernadette (Berni) Kozlowski, Certified Meditation Coach
March 26th - 28th
Bernadette (Berni) Kozlowski is a certified meditation coach who has worked with over 2000 people, in the US and in Ireland, consulting with schools, businesses, and non-profits, as well as hosting weekend retreats and working with a limited number of private clients. Berni has also provided a women’s leadership retreat for Proctor And Gamble. With a Master’s degree in Biology and 25 years experience as a Biology & Chemistry educator, Berni brings a research based approach and an engaging, interactive teaching style as she trains others how to incorporate easy exercises into daily life in short spurts. Berni’s unique style of teaching meditation appeals to beginners as well as to those looking to refresh their practice. Teaching nationally and based in Asheville, North Carolina, Berni is the Founder of Berni K’s Rest Revolution, a company she started to help others learn to skillfully access deep states of rest through a form of instinctive meditation that is easy, accessible, and doesn’t require sitting cross-legged on cushions. Results oriented, Berni empowers others to tap into their innate ability to drop into deep rest by removing cultural and personal obstacles.