Fall foliage in front of the spa porch at The Lodge at Woodloch

Luxury Pennsylvania Resort

Luxury Pennsylvania Resort

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We are truly humbled by the kind words of our guests and their passion behind their experiences at The Lodge at Woodloch. We are committed to reading and following up with our guest comments to ensure that it is part of our service commitment and training process. Many of the changes, additions and evolutions at The Lodge at Woodloch have come about because our guests care enough to share their experience and feedback. We welcome your feedback always and thank our guests for caring so much!

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"As always, our time at The Lodge at Woodloch has been most relaxing. And as always, every staff member is welcoming and accommodating. Thank you for all the special touches that make this a much enjoyed experience. Thank you!" - Tracy, August 2019

"One of my most wonderful experiences. A peace and calm as you enter that never leaves you. Thank you for one of the most well thought out designs. Comfort everywhere." - Judy, August 2019

"This is our second time back- celebrating 41st birthday and early 10 year anniversary. We love how easy everything is once we arrive- we achieve peace and tranquility when we are here. All in all a great time and we are so thankful."  - Vanessa, July 2019

"Can't rave enough about the staff throughout. The word "no" doesn't exist. After 17 visits, I would say that we are hooked on choosing Woodloch as our destination spa. Thanks for taking such excellent care every visit. Everything was lovely on the whole- thank you!" - Judi, July 2019

"We had a wonderful time! From the minute you walk into The Lodge at Woodloch until the time you leave the stress of everyday life is left at the door. It is a very peaceful & beautiful place. We loved everything about it…everything was lovely."  - Cindy, July 2019

"Our stay at Woodloch far surpassed any hotel we have ever stayed at. This resort certainly dots all of its "i's" and crossed all of its "t's!" From the time we pulled up to the front door until the time we checked out, the services, amenities, classes, staff, food, and rooms were beyond any expectations of ours! This was truly a blissful 2 days away--our only wish is that we could have stayed longer. Kudos to this resort and its staff!! You certainly deserve your #1 place!" - Nina, January 2019

"The Lodge at Woodloch knows how to do everything right. From a warm welcoming to classes that meet everyone's needs, fabulous food, extraordinary staff - this is my happy place. Thank you to all that make my experience every year a special one." - Roseann, January 2019

"The Lodge at Woodloch is the perfect combination of wellness retreat and luxury vacation. Every single detail is thought of, whether it's the cozy linens or beautiful, delicious meals with options for every dietary need, the Lodge at Woodloch makes guests feel like your entire stay is catered to your every need." - Sheila, January 2019

"The atmosphere at Woodloch is unique. This is a spa that allows for deep relaxation but is simultaneously elegant. You can eat in your spa robe in a fabulous dining room with exquisite food. All details have been taken care of...you have one job....taking care of yourself." - Susan, January 2019

“Woodloch offers a place to heal, refresh, and restore within a beautiful natural environment, with the friendliest staff who guide your journey toward bliss and relaxation.” – Jean, November 2018

“From the moment we pulled up to the gate when the guard wished us a happy anniversary, to our last meal prior to reluctantly leaving, we were met with impeccable, friendly service, beautiful accommodations, a most peaceful spa, and foodie-heaven dining. We will be back.” – Jennifer, November 2018

“So nice to have three days of no wallet, no keys, and (mostly) no cell phone! Can you slow down the time a bit? We look forward to our visits with you so much; and once we arrive, the time flies and its time to come home...if you could only fix that!” – Steven, November 2018

“The Lodge at Woodloch is one of our favorite places because it has such a calming effect. The grounds and facilities are beautiful and so well maintained...with an emphasis on protecting the environment. The employees are so friendly and the food is wonderful. We will be back again soon!” – Jeanne, November 2018

“After recently losing my husband, The Lodge was the perfect place to pamper myself after 2 years of being a caregiver. The food was fabulous, and there were many classes to participate in.” – Linda, November 2018

“I loved the atmosphere of total relaxation and calm throughout the resort. As much as I enjoyed my spa treatment, just being able to focus on nothing but my own relaxation without any activity being necessary is something I have never done. What a great way to spend a 60th birthday! Everything was perfect in my opinion.” – Michelle, November 2018

“From arrival at the gatehouse, all your staff and personnel were fantastic and friendly. The accommodations were lovely, with simple ease in moving from our room to the spa and dining room areas. The little touches throughout, with tea and snack areas, creature comforts and cleanliness, the personal showers in the spa, the pool and hot tubs, all were successful in exuding pampered comfort. The art work in the hallways and seasonal decorations throughout the interior and exterior included nature elements in attractive ways. The meals were superb! We departed from our stay truly relaxed, pampered, and happy. We met lovely guests as well. I appreciated that all views are directed toward the lake, providing lovely views as the leaves were almost gone from the trees. I imagine each season presents little treasures. The labyrinth walk is a gem. We had considered Canyon Ranch for our 60th birthday getaway, but are more than satisfied with selecting Woodloch. We are already eager to return, which surely speaks well for your facility.” – Susan, November 2018

“I celebrated my 55th birthday with my husband during our very first Woodloch stay. Everything was wonderful but what really set this apart from other places we have visited was the service. Your staff were some of the friendliest and most accommodating we have ever met at a resort. They seemed to all love their jobs and even when they were busy they stayed calm and focused on the customers. Delighting customers is sadly not as easy to come by these days but we found it alive and well at Woodloch!” – Eliza, November 2018

“The entire experience/stay was outstanding in every aspect! Woodloch thought of everything, and I returned to my everyday life more relaxed, reflective, and refreshed than I have from any other getaway. Looking forward to my NEXT visit!!” – Kimann, November 2018

“This was my FIRST time away from my almost 1 year old! I was a bit anxious to be away at first, but once I arrived, I was truly able to relax...& even better, sleep!!! Wonderful getaway! Very grateful!!” – Britt, November 2018

“Hard for me to pick one favorite part of my experience because I loved it all!!!! The classes, food and staff were top notch! If you need to hit the reset button, The Lodge at Woodloch will certainly help you accomplish that.” – Karen, November 2018

"This is our 2nd visit to The Lodge at Woodloch, and we are again impressed with your resort's offerings. My husband and I explored our interests together and separately, each having an exemplary experience. Thank you for making our stay a wonderful experience in relaxing, learning and eating."  - Dorothy, June 2018

"This was my 6th visit in 12 years. I absolutely love The Lodge and it’s just gotten better over time. My 5 night stay was the most relaxing vacation I’ve had in years and I will not let such a long period go by without returning! Some highlights this trip were the spa renovation and the class and activity variety. Thank you to everyone on the staff for making my trip peaceful and very memorable. I’m in the luxury service industry and the standards are clearly very high but I still felt like I was “home.” I miss it already." - Allyson, June 2018

"Our entire stay was perfect. My husband and I wanted a quiet, relaxing escape, and that is exactly what we got!" - Michelle, June 2018

"I remain in awe at the level of service and treatment that remains. The gold standard from the moment you are greeted at the Gatehouse all the way through every aspect of your stay.  Quality has never diminished in all the years I've come, in fact it's increased. (How do you do it?) Everyone is amazing! I leave relaxed, ridiculously full from delicious food and counting down to my next stay." - Nickie, June 2018

"From the moment I arrived at the gate until I got in car to leave it was the best experience. The employees were welcoming and accommodating. The atmosphere was serene and relaxing and the attention to detail throughout The Lodge could not be missed. The activities and classes offered were a mind and body vacation from reality. The food was amazing. Oh and the spa services were pure bliss. I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed my stay at The Lodge at Woodloch." - Lauren, June 2018

"We just took our 10th trip to the Lodge. So nice When staff members who recognize us, and there are many, come over & welcome us back. Some even remember small things we liked. A real personal touch! Will be back for our 11th visit later this year!" - Barbara, June 2018

"I had a wonderful stay. Would be happy to give The Lodge a perfect score and I wouldn't be lying." - Rosanne, June 2018

"This is our second trip to The Lodge. I can honestly say I am not leaving the same person who arrived. I am a grief counselor and also lost my brother 3 months ago tragically. I was saturated with grief (my own and my clients) and I desperately needed to reboot. Beginning with my first Mala Bead Meditation class with Kimberly where I addressed my heavy heart, my healing and opening began. Different than my last trip (which I focused on exercise mostly) this trip was about grounding, going within, and connecting to nature outwardly." - Gwen, June 2018

"No words to say what an amazing facility. Wonderful, relaxing, superb! Could not ask for a more relaxing enjoyable stay. Lots of things to do. Everyone helpful and friendly." - Van, June 2018

"We had a really relaxing, healthy experience and would definitely recommend to anyone that is in need of a getaway.  We have two young children, "de-stress" is just what the doctor ordered!" - Nick, January 2018

"It was blissful...arrived on a snowy afternoon to the beauty of Woodloch and all it’s surroundings.  This is where comfort and serenity are found as soon as you walk through the front doors. The only thing missing was more time!" - Mary, January 2018

"Everything at the Lodge at Woodloch is outstanding. The property is impeccable, the staff are all very friendly, helpful and constantly working! The food was exquisite, the facilities were stunning, and the spa treatments were excellent.  We loved every minute of our stay!  [Please do not use my full name on your website.]  I do hope staff are well paid. They seem to work very hard and do an amazing job of keeping the facilities looking beautiful and making guests feel wonderful and welcome. Thank you for giving us a fabulous vacation!" - Lilia, January 2018

"The Lodge is the perfect place to devote the time and care to recharging your spirit. It works every single time! Everything was awesome (as always) and the new spa facilities are beautiful and super functional. Well done!" - Christie, January 2018

"In a time when customer service seems to be fast disappearing, it was a pleasure to see that it is alive and thriving at The Lodge at Woodloch. The warm welcome you receive at the entrance hut sets the tone that never faulters. The staff at the reception desk, the servers in the restaurant, the housekeeping staff, the spa attendants and the staff in the spa shop all have the same commitment to making your stay an absolutely luxurious and renewing experience. The improvements that have been made since my first visit seven years ago have only continued to enhance the experience. Just keep doing what you are doing." - Ann, January 2018

"The service-with-a-smile was fabulous!The food was a good, or better than any 5-star restaurant I've ever been to!  You've thought of everything!  I just wish there were more hours in the day!!!" - Judy, January 2018

"My husband and I have never experienced a resort like The Lodge at Woodloch. I was eager to see and do things at the resort. My husband was not sure if he would like it. A few hours and a lunch under our belts, Wayne embraced Woodloch….all in all our experience at The Lodge at Woodloch makes us sad to leave, but enthusiastic about returning soon!" - Dorothy, October 2017

"Throughout our stay the staff was warm, friendly, helpful and accommodating. The food was delicious and the spa services were luxurious. The entire facility was immaculate and extremely well maintained. The attention to detail was without comparison." - Matthew, October 2017

“I love everything about Woodloch! The food is amazing, the classes are first-rate and the property is magical!  Just walking through the garden is a wonderful experience. I have been there many times and expect I will continue to visit as often as I can!” – Bonnie, October 2017

"The Lodge at Woodloch is a wonderful place for couples to celebrate their anniversaries. We were WOWed by the all-inclusive aspect of your resort and the variety of activities available to appeal to every interest. On our next visit, we won't be waiting for another milestone anniversary. We are fans of Woodloch and can hardly wait to visit again. Our visit was perfect and made our 50th wedding anniversary a memorable one." - Dorothy, October 2017

“I stayed Friday to Monday with three friends to celebrate my birthday. The weekend exceeded my expectations. I travel frequently around the world and the facility and services were on par with any luxury resort. But, what made me a fan was your staff.” – Amy, September 2017

“We were absolutely blown away by every aspect of our experience. We came directly from our wedding, running on only adrenaline from a great weekend. We felt overjoyed and extremely overtired. The Lodge at Woodloch rejuvenated us in every way. We left feeling relaxed, well rested, and well fed. While the two day stay was a very big expense for us, we hope to return one day! We are so grateful for our wonderful experience and felt that every interaction with staff was beyond helpful, kind, and friendly. Thank you for such a great stay!” – Jessica, September 2017

"From the moment of arrival to the final check out, my experience at your beautiful resort was extraordinary. I cannot wait to return and bring along some new friends. Thank you for making this short getaway so worth it." - Rachel, June 2017

"It's extremely difficult to pin point just one thing that I could say was my best experience.   The entire experience is the best experience. The food - outstanding. The staff – remarkable. The activities – perfect. The environment – amazing. The journey – transforming. The energy – strong. The lingering effects - priceless. Nothing needs improving just keep transforming." - Cassie, June 2017

"It is truly a high class resort.  Everything was exceptional including the staff so passionate about what they are doing. To awesome food to the smallest detail like the super comfortable spa slippers and Choice of pillow.  Loved all the gluten free choices.   Can't wait to return.  Thank you." - Bonnie, June 2017

"I had to write to express my appreciation for the Lodge at Woodloch. I’ve been a few times and always love it. Recently we had a large family gathering at a destination hotel and spa in New York and it paled in comparison to Woodloch in every way. Among the many things that stood out was the contrast between the staff at the two places. At Woodloch, I get the feeling that the staff are happy to be there, proud of being part of Woodloch, and eager to please in any way without being obsequious.  At the hotel I visited the staff were polite and efficient but with no enthusiasm or seeming ability to actually be “of service” to the guests. My husband also was comparing the place to Woodloch—and he doesn’t participate in anything at Woodloch—just relaxes and enjoys the environment. In any case, I wanted to share with you that your attention to detail and commitment to service do not go unnoticed.  I won’t be able to return to Woodloch until later this summer, but whenever it is, it won’t be soon enough!" - Susan, March 2017

"Quiet, clean, great service staff all around. I can't say enough about the Lodge.  The best spa experience we've had in over 10 years.  The rooms were so nicely decorated and clean beyond compare.  We will be returning for sure." - Steven, May 2017

"We had an amazing time celebrating our 15 year anniversary here.  It was exactly what we needed after being enamored with little ones and losing us as a couple.  We did so many new things together that helped to bring fresh breath back into our relationship. Every detail of the resort is the highest quality: from the pebble floor personal showers in the locker room  to the signature rosemary mint soap and lotion throughout  to the top quality Coola sunscreen station before going onto the sundeck.  They really have thought of every detail.  We left feeling pampered and refreshed and can't wait to return!"  - Jessica, June 2017

"From the moment I arrived to the moment I left, I was able to disconnect from technology and spend time reading in the quiet, relax surrounded by the sounds of nature and be pampered in the spa. It was an immensely restorative few days." - Melissa, June 2017

"We loved our stay. Everyone is so friendly, warm and helpful. We have been in a lot of spas and the warmth here is outstanding. Thank you for making our stay fabulous! We will be back! Love you guys!" -Robyn, May 2017

"I am sorry that you don't have a category higher than "excellent"! Once again, I had a fabulous time. I can't rave enough about the people who work there. Each one is very, very special. They just can't do enough for you! They really extend themselves to make everything absolutely perfect. I had to ask them why they are so nice and happy in their jobs. Each said that the Woodloch owners treat them very well and make it easy for them to reflect that same attitude to the guests. So, bravo for the owners too!
I have better times at Woodloch than I have ever had at Canyon Ranch. I feel more relaxed, comfortable, pampered and "spoiled" at Woodloch. Also, you really listen. Comments that travelling companions and I have offered before were realized as implemented during this trip. For instance, thanks for the second luggage rack in our room! Just love Woodloch! I'll be back soon!!" - Diane, May 2017

"The best part is that from the moment you arrive, all of the logistical stuff is pretty much taken care of, so you don't have to worry about anything except relaxing." - Michael, May 2017

"How is it possible that with each return visit, it's better and better?!  From the moment I arrive, I feel as if I'm home and the friendly staff are like my family!  From the food, to the art classes, to the workout classes, meditation, spa services, fire pit, and most comfy bed EVER, this place is the best place to revive and renew yourself!" - Jennifer, May 2017

"From the moment you arrive at Woodloch Spa you are treated with kindness and warmth. The staff goes out of their way to meet every expectation you have. The food is amazing, the services too notch and the rooms are so clean and comfortable. The entire experience is a true respite from the stresses of every day life." - Rose, May 2017

"The entire staff at Woodloch is impeccable...from the moment you enter to your spa treatment experiences, to dining and beyond.  Thank you for an amazing stay!" - Michael, April 2017

"It is impossible to choose the best part of my visit to the Lodge at Woodloch. Everything was simply perfect. The no cell phone policy is liberating and truly contributes to the peaceful environment. The staff was friendly and helpful.  My friends and I are already planning our next trip. It was a deeply relaxing and renewing weekend. I left with my soul refreshed and my mind truly at peace." - Melissa, April 2017