Leaves emerging from a tree bud on a tree in early Spring
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When Spring is finally here, the sun starts to heat up, flowers begin to bloom and the birds sing of joy! It’s one of the the best moments to enjoy Mother Nature and all the beauty she has to offer. We're here to share some of our Spring seasonal highlights and favorite ways to welcome the season's arrival. 

Spring Seasonal Spa Treatments
Uplift your senses with our seasonal offering - available March 1st - May 31st, 2024.

Spring Seasonal Body Polish
Awaken the body & spirit and renew the senses with aromatic lavender and uplifting mint. Begin your journey with a thorough exfoliation followed by a relaxing body butter application to deeply restore hydration. These nurturing treatments and the intoxicating scents are perfect for the season of renewal.
50 minutes // $170
Add a Swedish Massage, 75 minutes // $250

Spring Seasonal Manicure and Pedicure
An aromatic treat of lavender and mint for your hands and feet!  These seasonally inspired nail services begin with a refining exfoliation followed by a deeply hydrating massage to leave your hands or feet feeling renewed. Includes nail/cuticle care and polish.
Manicure 50 minutes //  $75
Pedicure 50 minutes // $95


Spring Wild Edibles
Things are finally greening up around here!  

Winter foods are weighing heavy on our stomachs, and it’s time for something fresh…and green.  Many of the first plants to emerge from river banks, forests, and fields are edible, and they’re available before anything is ready from the garden.  In addition, early shoots are often the most delectible part of plant to eat!  If you need any more convincing, research the nutrition content of these greens – they’re all packed with vitamins and minerals.

Spend some time with our Certified Herbalist, Heather Houskeeper, for an introduction to all things foraging, herbs, and mushrooms!

Savoring Medicinal Teas
Do you love discovering new teas? Are you curious about the medicinal benefits of herbal teas? Join our Certified Herbalist, Heather for an herbal tea tasting and discussion of this blend’s myriad of healthy attributes. Not only will you leave refreshed and renewed but with the knowledge of how to prepare this same blend at home!

Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk
Join Heather, our Certified Herbalist, for a walk along one of Woodloch’s woodland trails to discover the edible and medicinal plants that can be found not only throughout the region but in your very own backyard. Heather will share helpful hints for proper identification, as well as easy and efficient methods for harvesting and preparing these plants at home. Allow Heather to answer any plant questions you may have. There will be many stops along the way to meet the plants, so be sure to bring your camera and a notepad for taking notes.

The Energetics of Herbs
Explore the wonderful world of herbs! Discover how to interpret the healing properties of medicinal herbs and how they apply to the human body. Getting to know the herbs through our senses, can give us a better understanding of herbs’ unique qualities and why there is rarely one herb that fits all!

Herbs for Seasonal Allergies
Spring is here, which means that soon the trees and flowers are blossoming...and so is the pollen. Join Heather, our Certified Herbalist, for an introduction to our regional medicinal herbs beneficial in warding off seasonal allergies and decreasing their severity. These herbs may be found from your own backyard to the shelf of your favorite natural foods store.

Seasonal Foraging: Spring Edible and Medicinal Plants
Ever wonder what plants you could eat in the wild? Did you know that those weeds you pull from your garden could make a delicious salad? Interested in healthy eating and natural medicine? Join Heather, our Certified Herbalist, in discovering what edible and medicinal plants you may have growing near you. Class will consist of a slideshow of easy-to-find, simple-to-use, and delicious plants that can be found from woodlands to backyard to urban sidewalk. Bring your foraging questions!

Jump Start Your Summer Fitness Goals
Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time to reevaluate your health and exercise routine (or to simply start one).

Why wait for Summer to roll around when you can jump-start your fitness goals now? Spring is the perfect transitional season to help you shake off those Winter blues and, well, spring into action with a renewed sense of invigoration and focus. Here’s a few of our favorite new classes to get you started: 

Silent Nite Yoga
Escape into a realm of tranquility under the stars while you tune out from your surroundings with closed back headphones. Snuggle in with cozy, comfy yoga moves that will help you melt into a restful slumber. 

The Palo Santo Tree
Start your stay the right way with a wonderful Palo Santo smudging to help rid yourself of all negative thoughts and feelings by music artist and yogie, Brittany Peechtka.  During your smudging, Kazzrie Jaxen, music artist and singer, will play the Shruti Box while her beautiful voice helps you melt into your happy place.

Rhythmic Games
Beat by beat, you will learn different agility exercises using playful music and games. These games involve patterns of attention that are formed through processes of entrainment and habituation.  Rhythmic patterns help you stay focused and alert throughout your day. 

Mantra Meditation with Harmonium
The harmonium is a hand pump organ that has been used for chanting for over a century in India.  Using the harmonium is a perfect way to free the mind from anxieties & worries so you focus on your own personal mantra (Mana – mind, tra – free).

The 100’s
This class is a plateau breaker.  This type of workout targets slow-twitch muscle fibers and permanently enhances blood flow to your muscles for firmer and stronger muscles. 

The Engine Room Crew
The unique format of this class captures all the elements of competitive, on-water rowing, creating a class that is fast-paced and engaging from the first minute. From “Skills and Drills” to “Waves and Recoveries,” and the final build up to a friendly but competitive “Race,” Indo-Row quickly converts first-timers to devoted team members.

Empower Hour
Ignite your full potential with super-set stations combining traditional and innovative Pilates techniques. Utilize mats, the Wunda Chair, and the Pilates Tower to sculpt and strengthen your body.  
Partners Yoga Class
As two of The Lodge at Woodloch’s top yoga teachers, Angelita Adames and Veronica Fernandez are friends who met thru yoga. Join them for a super fun and easy pose-filled class to help lengthen and strengthen your body and your bond. 

The Binaural Beats Experience: Moody Blues Improve
Immerse into total bliss by using our closed back headphones during the Binaural Beats Experience. Research has found that listening daily to audio with binaural beats may have positive effects such as decreased anxiety, pain relief, improved mood, enhanced cognition, and better sleep.

Serene Surround Sound Bath Shimmer
Embrace the resonance of the gong, crystal bowls, Kochi chimes, ocean drum, rain stick, and other instruments! Immerse yourself in a symphony of frequency of both spatial and up close and personal sound healing. Join Kimberly Matthew, Energy and Reiki Practitioner along with Susan Levin, Yogi and Tantra Instructor, as they weave a tapestry of soul soothing tones welcoming you into a state of tranquility and delight!

Remember, Release, Receive, Return:  Walking a Sacred Path
Join us for the spiritual practice of walking The Lodge at Woodloch’s very own indoor labyrinth.  Follow the sacred path on an ancient archetype pattern as you go on your own personal inner journey, bringing about a state of consciousness to facilitate change.  

Yo Chi
Experience an energizing fusion of several ancient disciplines for mind, body, wellness, balance and fitness. Enjoy alternating segments of yoga poses, tai chi and qigong movement patterns along with mindful meditation.

Seated Stretch & Strong
It’s time to lengthen and strengthen! Nourish your mind, body, and spirit with this seated yoga class that uses hand weights to build muscular strength and moves to build bone density.

Fairway to Heaven
In this 30 minute class, you’ll be using the mobility stick to help warm-up and improve your swing and loosen up your hips.  Fairway to Heaven is a great way to start your day or warm-up before your play.

Double Trouble
Ramp it up with, “HITT Me with Your Best Shot” Len, The Axe-man, Warchola and “Pain is Only Temporary” Michael, The Titan, Ehrlich.  Feel the power as you punch the heavy bag or do a crazy combo of jabs, hooks, and upper cuts. 

Intense Stretch for Mobility
Release tight muscles for added flexibility and fluidity with a combination of legs up the wall for hips, hamstrings, and low back along with stick mobility for shoulders and upper back. Must be able to get up and down off of the floor.