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22 Ways to Commit to Wellness in 2022:

1. Surround yourself with inspiration
2. Create a journal or calendar to help keep your goals visual
3. Say it loud- share your wellness goals to give yourself accountability
4. Start early- get it out of the way early in the day
5. Plan ahead- plan your meals, your workout clothing, and your time set aside for fitness so that there is less room for excuses

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6. Be firm but realistic on your commitment to fitness
7. Remember, this is your life, not a fad
8. Involve others to keep you commitments (family walks/hikes/bike rides, walking meetings, yoga night with friends instead of going out to eat)
9. Listen to music to move your soul
10. Get outside

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11. Laugh
12. Get a massage- human touch and connection is ever-important
13. Meditate
14. Reduce sugar
15. Increase water intake
16. Improve your gut health (this often improves your sleep, energy levels, immune functioning, digestion, and more)
17. Get enough sleep
18. Try something new; make it fun and enjoyable
19. Make it easy/convenient

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20. Eat the rainbow- select a wide variety of colors to enhance your nutrition in fruits and vegetables
21. Commit to a meatless meal weekly (if not more than once per week)
22. Take a bath