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Our farmers believe in a philosophy of giving back to the environment first before ever receiving its bounty. They say they feed everything- from the soil’s microbes and earthworms, to the bees and butterflies, all the way up to the birds, deer, and yes, humans too. This growing style and the ecology it has helped create is open to you to explore on your own, all day, every day. Please use proper garden etiquette by sticking to walkways and closing gates behind you and always dress appropriately for the season.

We farmers hardly ever have the time to live in the moment. Today, our bodies are in the Spring, but our minds are in the Summer. Now that frosts are a thing of the past, the race is on to reap the bounty that the Spring garden provides before the inevitable heat waves move in to claim our cool loving crops. Summer crops are just getting started of course, but we can’t help but think of all the Fall crops we’ll need to start soon in order to eat in the off-season. But don’t feel bad for us if you think we don’t get a chance to enjoy the Spring. We have all Winter for that!

Blackmore Farm Blackmore Farm Holistic Orchardist Sam Lindenmuth

What We've Got In Store at Blackmore Farm: 

Garden Tours
Come experience the sights and sounds (and tastes) of The Lodge at Woodloch’s working organic farm. Just a short walk from the hotel, you’ll find attractions such as our vegetable garden, orchard, composting operation, mushroom logs, high tunnels, and our very own apiary. 

Garden Harvest
Learn to pick greens, herbs and vegetables the proper way to ensure healthy plants, and bountiful harvest. Weekly, different plants will be chosen, and guests will be able to take home a bag full of fresh organic produce as well as new skills as gardeners. Cost is $20 per person. 
Select Saturdays in May

Garden Dinners
We’re switching up the typical Farm-to-Table dinner by bringing the table to the farm! The intimate two-hour tasting dinner will be led by one of our talented Chefs as they select the harvest focus for the dinner and our Sommelier will pair the dinner with wine. There is an up-charge for the intimate dinner experience of $95 per person, which includes the wine pairing. Limited seating so please plan ahead! 
Beginning late May

Chef's Harvest Lunches
We pride ourselves in serving local fare, but how often are you able to get out and experience where the food actually comes from? Join us at Blackmore Farm for a 4-course chef-led lunch, complete with a tour of the farm and meet our farmers who supply The Lodge at Woodloch with so much delicious produce! This culinary experience features produce hand-selected right from our garden, local farms and purveyors, and a Sommelier-selected signature cocktail made with farm-fresh ingredients. There is an up-charge for the intimate lunch experience of $35 per person. 
Beginning early May

Golden Hour Eat & Greet
Join The Farmers and The Alchemist for Happy Hour. Guests will enjoy the short walk to the Farm where they are greeted with a hand-made one of a kind cocktail and fresh Blackmore Farm tapas created by the team. Meet the Farmers and forage for your cocktail garnish. Let Nature Nurture, then stroll back for your evening dining experience. Cost is $25 per person. 
Beginning late May

Honey Bee Talk
Spend some time with our resident beekeeper, in discussion of the life cycle of the honey bee and their environmental importance. We’ll compare holistic and conventional beekeeping while displaying the components and tools necessary to start your very own apiary! 
Tuesdays & Saturdays

Gardening for Self-Cultivation
Using breath work in tune with movements for cultivation and harvesting, learn ways gardening can help improve one’s mind, body, and spirit. Also learn the steps one can take to properly steward any size piece of Earth to promote the health of its surroundings. 
Mondays in May

Garden-Infused Oils
By infusing plants with oil, we can extract their beneficial
properties and bring them into more parts of our lives. From arthritis to anxiety, plant-infused oils can help to heal and nourish us naturally. Use these oils directly on your skin or as an ingredient to make salves, lotions, balms, ointments...the list goes on. We will work with freshly dried plants and flowers straight from Blackmore Farm. Cost is $15 per person. 
Mondays in May

Sun Printing in the Garden
Create unique and beautiful images on paper using plants, sunlight, and water. The cyanotype process has been used by botanists and architects for centuries and is an excellent way to express both artistic creativity and a love of nature. We will collect, arrange, and expose plants from the farm on sensitized paper, and everyone will leave with several handmade works of art. 
Thursdays in May

DIY Microgreens
Want to produce nutrient-dense food at home, but don’t feel like you have the space or the time? Come join one of the growers of Blackmore Farm and discover how easy it can be to harvest fresh greens at home in only 7-10 days - no green thumb required! Cost is $15 per person.
Fridays in May