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In honor of Earth Day and Arbor Day, we wanted to highlight some steps that we have recently taken to lessen our environmental footprint.

  • Over the past few years, we have undergone a project to replace all lightbulbs around our property with LED lights. An LED lightbulb is generally 80 to 90 percent more efficient than traditional lightbulbs, is made of non-toxic materials, and is 100% recyclable!
  • The Lodge at Woodloch has a substantial composting program, utilizing kitchen scraps from all three Woodloch properties, which significantly cuts down on waste and provides our garden with nutrient rich soil!
  • We have installed filtered water dispensers throughout our property for both guest and employee use, which, to date, has saved tens of thousands of plastic water bottles from entering landfills! In addition we have filtered water in each guest room and all public spaces to reduce the need for bottled water, and guests and staff are given-reusable water bottles to use throughout The Lodge at Woodloch.
  • The Lodge at Woodloch is proud to be 100% free of plastic straws, having made the commitment to paper straws only!
  • Around our property, you will find what appear to be plastic cups. These are actually fully compostable cups that find their way to our compost pile once they’ve been disposed of.
  • We exchanged our small individual amenity bottles for a more environmentally-friendly option. The in-shower large refillable bottles still feature our signature Rosemary Mint products…just more of it. This small change makes a BIG impact – it saves over 50,000 bottles from going into landfills every year.
  • In the Fall of 2021, we began a regenerative initiative to revitalize any areas affected from the property expansion. As stewards of this land, we’ve made it our duty to install plants to boost the health of the system and leave it stronger and more resilient than it was before. Our process includes projects aimed to create a beautiful surrounding, boost wildlife habitat, and provide food for pollinators, critters, as well as ourselves. 

“The environment is where we all meet, where we all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.” – Lady Bird Johnson

Happy Earth Day!