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Amanda Clabaugh

Amanda Clabaugh, Treatments Manager at The Lodge at Woodloch started her professional career as a massage therapist over 17 years ago.  Fresh out of school, Amanda worked in a chiropractor's office followed by working for a national spa chain and later had her own practice before finding her sweet spot at The Lodge at Woodloch.  Amanda quickly connected with the spa environment and loved creating tranquil experiences for people through bodywork and sharing results-driven products.  Since then she has been passionate about taking the time to care for herself through running, cooking, meditation, and relaxing with her family.

Amanda developed a unique appreciation for creating spa experiences at home while teaching massage therapy in local certification programs as she wanted to help the students find creative ways to bring spa treatments into their practice.  Over the years, she has experimented with various pantry items, fruits, vegetables, and herbs to create distinctive at-home treatments for the face and body.  Amanda is especially keen on lavender, turmeric, calendula, and mint for their healing properties, both inside and out.  She truly enjoys spending time in the kitchen – cooking for her family AND making skin treatments!