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Amber Goshorn

Ayurvedic Doctor

From a young age, Amber Goshorn wanted to help people and practice medicine.  She was inspired by the philosophy, “a heart that reaches out with love can heal a soul and change a life,” and thus began her journey.  She started her graduate school in 2014 at the American University of Complementary Medicine, graduating in 2018 with a Doctorate of Ayurveda. Ayurveda, as a practice, brings love to the body to facilitate healing and allow the soul’s purpose to be acknowledged. It also focuses on the root cause to ease the body of its ailments, and is grounding for the human spirit as well as the human body. Amber believes Ayurveda is the blessing and she is just the facilitator.  The grounding aspect of the science of Ayurveda works with an individual’s mind-body energy type, called dosha, to bring a sense of calm and peace to the mind, body and spirit, which radiates healing and removes stress.

After graduating with her doctorate, she decided to expand her education and work on her certificate in massage therapy, beginning her massage therapy practice in May 2020.  She continues to maintain her licensure in the state of Pennsylvania.

Amber’s work is influenced by Charaka’s wise words. “Just like a tree that nourishes from the top of the tree to the bottom through its roots, starting with the root cause, one can heal the rest of the body.” She works to facilitate this dream through the Ayurvedic treatments.