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Spring is officially here, and our Farm-to-Table garden is beginning to transform. This time before our last frost of the year, our Farmers are busy nursing young plants that will soon cover every square inch of our garden. They do what they can to give them all the natural light and fresh air on nice days and return them to protection on cold nights. They've coined it the “Spring Dance”.

This is also the time when Harvest Lunches return for the season, and oh do we cherish this time! This May, our Farmers will be serving fresh greens harvested from our Hoop Houses as well as snap peas and Fall root vegetables. During the last few weeks of Winter, our Garden Team made maple syrup from our maple trees, and they'll be featuring the syrup this Spring in things like Maple Dijon or Maple Balsamic dressings and it will almost certainly find its way into the dessert course. Another great ingredient is rhubarb, which also has a short-lived season. We'll feature it in our dessert course for the month of May.

This year we're expanding our garden fence to allow for even more production. In addition, we'll be adding more shiitake logs for mushroom production, and our farm will be processing more herbs for herbal teas. This time of year, especially with the expansion, our Farmers are busy with back breaking compost hauling and bed shaping dominating the "to do" list, and although the fruits of their labor will not be seen until later this Spring, they know from previous years that it is worth all the sore muscles.

A Collage Of Plants