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Vanessa Hernandez

Reiki Shamanic Healer & Spiritual Awakening Mentor

Vanessa is a Reiki Master, a channel, and an activator. With her you will receive reiki, a chakra alignment, shamanic clearing, activations (when Spirit deems applicable), a healing gateway opening to the next step on your healing journey, and an ease of a shift in your vibration to the highest frequency you are meant to reach at that time, aligning you with a more abundant and fulfilled daily life. Our work will open you up to the magic of the universe. Her healings have been known to leave you feeling centered, grounded, aligned and clear. They aid in physical, emotional and energetic wellness, as well as bring great insight into your personal soul journey.

My spiritual awakening began in 2001 while visiting the islands of Hawaii. On that fateful trip I received my first activations and my gifts unfolded very quickly. As the years went on I would visit Hawaii at least once a year and each time my connection with the energy of the land, the incredibly rich culture, and my own past life ties to the islands would open me up more and more. As I continue to reconnect with the Hawaiian islands, my gifts continue to be nurtured and flourish. One of my main Spirit Guides whom I work with on a regular basis is Tutu Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes. She has been a driving force in my journey and I am forever grateful to have her by my side. 

I continue to evolve in the healing arts and my intuitive skills through intense study and experience. Through my extensive travels, studies and teachings from Hawaii, to Beverly Hills, to New York, and the lands in between, I’ve learned new modalities of connection with the higher realms. Some of my gifts include my ability to: 
Give intuitive readings
Perform hands on energy healing, connecting with my Shamanic roots 
Connect with Past Life Aspects of my client
Read tarot/oracle cards
Channel and receive messages from higher realms
Teach/Mentor others on their Awakening Journeys

I am strongly clairvoyant (messages received through visions), clairaudient (messages received audibly from the higher realms), and claircognizant (messages received through a deep knowing). I don’t do this work alone. I am a conduit for the Divine’s energy to work through and am so honored to be doing this work for the collective.

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