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Meet the Team: Brittany Peechatka

Yoga has always been one of the most popular offerings at The Lodge at Woodloch. From the Great Wall of Yoga to traditional Yin Yoga, the draw to yoga has been consistently growing…and for good reason.

The ancient practice (dating over 5,000 years ago) is believed to have 19 different types of yoga and 66 postures. Those that practice yoga know that it can be deeply personal. Many have found yoga as a way to heal, to empower, to strengthen, to believe, and to just BE.

One of our newest instructors, Brittany Peechatka, knows the power of yoga through her personal experiences and vast training in Rishikesh India, receiving her certification in 2018. In sitting down to learn more about Brittany, you can see her positive light shine through in all of her passions. She first shared her background in her career as a song-writer and musician. Brittany had a successful career in music and even has a video with Snoop Dogg! Her hit single was geared toward positivity, motivation, and self-confidence for youth. Of course, like the true Yogi she is, her hit single even hit the airwaves in India!

Brittany brings that same positivity, creativity, and self-confidence to all that she does. Take for instance the classes she developed and teaches at The Lodge at Woodloch (check the latest activity schedule for the most current offerings).

One such class, designed exclusively by Brittany, is called Aerobyx. Aerobyx is a combination of yoga infused with other calisthenics - a modern form of aerobic exercise incorporated with resistance bands. Identify with the weight and balance of your body while engaging in the presence of your breath. Aerobyx was designed to properly align your entire anatomy while giving you the power to consciously harness your energy and distribute it with fluidity and synchronized movement, unifying the mind, body, and spirit. For those looking to expand your practice at home, the custom resistance bands are available in Great Things Boutique.

Palo Santo Smudging helps to purify your energy through a unique meditation of the shadow self and the ego self. The practice ends with a Palo Santo smudging to help get rid of the negative energy and seal in the positive energy.

Another class offering at The Lodge at Woodloch inspired by Brittany is our Binaural Beats class. This class helps individuals find their energy frequency and vibration. Much can be gained in this class, including better sleep, increased confidence, motivation, and enhanced creativity. Binaural Beats and the Moving Imagination allows guests to take an inner journey by escaping through sound and movement. It’s been proven to stimulate the brain and improve focus and concentration.

Brittany’s creativity, knowledge base, and passion are endless. The next time you visit The Lodge at Woodloch and would like to learn more, seek out one of Brittany’s classes, you won’t be sorry!