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 Woman touching a plant during her group's countryside walk

Outdoor Exploration

Basics of Birding

With binoculars and books in hand, join our guides for a walk around our lush 500 acre property to seek out and identify these winged beauties. This class, designed for beginners, will give tips and pointers on how to prepare for and get started in the world of birding.

Bog Talk

Surrounding our glacial lake is an ecosystem teeming with life. Join us as we break down and identify the different forms of life the Bog has to offer. Edibles, medicinals, and endangered species of plants are just a small part of the Bog that is ever changing and fascinating.

Eagle Viewing

As we travel along our rivers and estuaries, a national treasure can be spotted. The bald eagle, our country's emblem, takes up winter residence here, feasting on the rich food sources and entertaining all who catch a glimpse. Join us on a driving tour of the local waterways to search for these powerful and regal birds. Make sure to bring a camera and warm clothing in preparation for the many scenic stops along the way. This is an amazing opportunity to witness the eagles in their natural environment.

Forest Bathing

Join The Lodge at Woodloch’s Certified Forest Bathing experts for a slow and contemplative walk that will focus on keeping the body and mind in the present while teaching techniques for deep breathing, mind-body awareness as well as taking note of the little miracles of the forest. Come and enjoy the healing powers of the nature that surrounds us.

If desired, Private Forest Bathing sessions can be arranged.

Guided Nature Walk

Join us on a leisurely stroll through the ever changing grounds of The Lodge at Woodloch. Use this opportunity to learn about local history as well as the resident flora and fauna.


Explore The Lodge grounds on a high-tech hunt for hidden "treasure" with help from our guides and a GPS. Usually off the beaten path and always a surprise, Geocaching is a fun way to learn about navigation and overland travel. Please wear sturdy shoes as many of the geocaches are hidden off trail.

Naturepix 101

Expand your horizons with smartphone photography. Learn the best kept secrets to getting the most out of your cell phone pictures. Join our guides to discuss tips, tools, and apps for your cell phone. Practice your photo taking skills on The Lodge’s beautiful grounds. Once we’re back indoors, we’ll discuss recommendations on how to upload your photos and share them with others. Let’s get snap happy!

Nocturnal Walk

Quiet night air, stars so bright, a night song being played just for you. Join our guides for a walk around our lush 500+ acre property to explore the world that awaits us as the night unfolds. We will look for the many nocturnal wildlife that only come out at night. With the diversity of the lake, forest, and farmland right here on our property, you are sure to encounter various sounds and sights of the night.

Primitive Fire Making

Test your determination and patience learning how to make fire. With traditional fire starting tools take home this skill and impress anyone by creating fire using primitive methods.

Snowshoe Sojourn

As the temperature drops and the property changes from the lush green grasses and flowers to the bare tree branches and blankets of white, snow covered grounds; we encourage you to join our guides for a beginner’s course in snowshoes. This class is designed for anyone who would like to learn how to use snowshoes, focusing on the basics. This class is also recommended for anyone who may want a quick refresher. Dress warm and wear water resistant boots as you will be taking a stroll around the property at the conclusion of the class.

Spring Awakening

Join our guides on a walk around the grounds at The Lodge at Woodloch as we peel back the blanket of our winter slumber and breathe in the new spring air. Every step you take brings new signs of life as the buds emerge, plants sprout, and animals come out of their yearly rest.

The Ritual of Tea

It is no secret that meditation may be the perfect complement to the rush of a busy, complicated life. What if you could incorporate mindfulness into your already existing daily routine? Come and join us for tea and we will show you how to make your morning or evening tea into a mindful experience that also connects you more deeply to the Earth and the environment surrounding you.

Wildflower Walk

Join our Nature Guide as we explore the beautiful forests and fields that surround The Lodge at Woodloch seeking out the seasonal floral gifts Mother Nature provides us.

Winter Woods Walk

Whether by boot or snowshoe, follow your guide on a tour of our property. Animal tracks, woodpecker holes and ground scratchings all give us signs of the diversity of fauna in the area. Take a fresh look into the winter woods, to see how much life really happens, even through the cooler months.