Roam on over 500 acres of fern-carpeted forests, lush wild meadows, an ancient orchard, and a farm-to-table garden. 

Explore Our Sanctuary
Purchased in 2018, The Sanctuary is a land preserve at The Lodge at Woodloch which is dedicated to education and nurturing nature. The Sanctuary is part of a land trust in the Delaware Highlands Conservancy which is dedicated to conserving the natural heritage and quality of life in the Upper Delaware River region. As part of the land trust, The Sanctuary will serve as a great way to further educate guests about the nature and wildlife that surrounds The Lodge at Woodloch. There is a beautiful stream, swamp, and bog area with unique flora and fauna not found in other areas of our property. There are mallard nesting boxes, bat boxes, and bird houses throughout the property to help create a safe haven for the many bird species and bat friends in the area.

Explore Blackmore Property
The Blackmore property was purchased by The Lodge at Woodloch ownership partners in 2011.  One of the highlights of the property is the old homestead that features a picturesque barn, a coal house, and the original home of the Blackmore Family. Since purchasing the land, many artifacts and treasures have been collected. Our Farm-to-Table Garden has been named in honor of the original owners of the land, and it is on this property that you will find our Farm-to-Table Garden, Orchard, and Apiary.

Below is a sampling of outdoor experiences that may be offered at The Lodge at Woodloch and evolve throughout the seasons. Please reference our class & activity schedules for the most current outdoor experience classes, dates, and times.