Farm-to-Table Fresh

Get Close to Your Food

Come experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of The Lodge at Woodloch’s working organic farm. Just a 5-10 minute walk from the hotel, you’ll find attractions such as our vegetable garden, orchard, composting operation, mushroom logs, high tunnels, and our very own apiary.

The Blackmore Farm and Orchard provides a selection of the vegetables and herbs used at TREE Restaurant, as well as for our Cooking Demonstrations occasionally featuring just-picked items. Additionally, the garden provides farm-to-massage table healing herbs and flowers for select spa treatments. Items such as rosemary, lavender, and calendula have abundant healing qualities and are grown with care each year. We have also designed the Blackmore Farm and Orchard to act as a learning environment, with gardening classes that provide practical tips for your own gardening practice at home.

A true highlight of the season is our Harvest Lunches* and Garden Dinners*. We've switched up the typical Farm to Table dinner by bringing the Table to the Farm! Seasonally, intimate Chef-led tasting dinners and Sunday Farmer-led harvest lunches take place right on the deck at the Garden Shed. 

*Joining us for our Harvest Lunches or Garden Dinners is part of your 3 consecutive artfully-crafted gourmet meals per night of stay, additional fees do apply.

Our Philosophy
Our farmers believe in a philosophy of giving back to the environment first before ever receiving its bounty. They say they feed everything- from the soil’s microbes and earthworms, to the bees and butterflies, all the way up to the birds, deer, and yes, humans too. Our gardening philosophy and the ecology it has helped create is open to our guests to explore, all day, every day. 

More and more, our guests want to know exactly where their food is coming from and how it is getting to their table. Together with our farm, farming practices and relationships with other local farms, our guests have never been closer to their food sources. Our guests realize that, along with fitness activities and spa treatments, wellness is not just WHAT you put into their body but also how it gets there.

While organic is a daily household word, not all guests realize what it takes to keep a farm organic (or in our case, soon to be biodynamic)…educating our guests on the philosophies of companion planting, worm castings as fertilizer for healthy soil, and composting techniques helps guests understand the extent of practices that take place to keep chemicals out of our farm. As The Lodge at Woodloch’s Blackmore Farm strives to become fully biodynamic, we are reminded every day of the ways in which we can feed the world and heal the Earth while breaking the chains of a harmful industrial food system. We firmly believe that by fostering living soil structures it is possible to feed Earth’s creatures at the very beginning of the food web. In doing so we nurture and rejuvenate Mother Nature from the ground up which results in the ability to detoxify and nourish our own mind, body, and soul.

Meet Our Farmers