Ayurvedic bodywork is an ancient and powerful tool for bringing body, mind, and soul into harmonious balance. Having a long history of facilitating physical health, emotional well-being, and soul connection, Ayurvedic bodywork addresses multiple layers of your being. Your Ayurvedic journey includes a dosha assessment to determine your current dosha imbalance, with our in-house Doctor of Ayurveda. This information will be used to provide a customized session to optimally balance the elements within
the body, mind, and soul.

Abhyanga Hot Oil Massage
An ancient technique of applying warm herbal oil over the skin that improves circulation and helps to detoxify, while improving muscle and nerve function and reducing pain. This unique, gentle massage leaves you with a deep feeling of stability, warmth, and comfort.
50 minutes // $210
75 minutes // $315
100 minutes // $420

Pinda Sweda
Allow your body to receive the benefits of this deeply therapeutic massage. Known as SPS or Shastika pinda sweda, the traditional herbal poultice treatment eases sore muscles with warmed herbs that loosen the tissue and relieve tension. The natural, gentle exfoliation process will also improve the quality of the skin while the herbs are massaged into the body, leaving you truly revitalized.
50 minutes (focused area only) // $220
125 minutes // $540

With shiro meaning head and dhara meaning flow, this wonderful ancient Indian technique pours a steady stream of warm oil onto the forehead, helping to stimulate the pineal gland and regulate circadian rhythm. This treatment is excellent for insomnia and stress, allowing your body to naturally readjust its own natural patterns, while also assisting with headaches and mental exhaustion. The ultimate soothing experience for those looking for deep relaxation.
50 minutes // $210

Ayurvedic Joint Therapy
The most gentle and therapeutic ancient Indian treatment using warm, herbal oil, gathers in a vessel over either the back, neck, or knees. The oil is absorbed into the skin, muscles, and joints, making it excellent for “wear and tear”, arthritis, and general depletion of the synovial joints while strengthening and loosening the muscle tissues around those joints. Great for those who are hesitant to receive a massage but would like the benefits. Gentle enough to receive everyday of your stay, expanding the advantages of the treatment.
50 minutes // $200

Tranquil Detox
Immerse yourself in this completely relaxing and transformative body treatment that begins with a detoxifying full body scrub that aids in
increased lymphatic circulation while promoting the reduction of fat cells. A collagen boosting face mask cleanses the skin while brightening, and a hot oil massage, specific to your body type, nourishes the skin. The ultimate Ayurvedic journey for enhanced skin from head to toe!
100 minutes // $430

Marma Energy Point Enhancement*
A science that dates back 7,000 years ago, marma points are usually the convergence of bones, veins, ligaments, joints, and muscles, used in the traditional martial arts called Kalari Payat. With 107 marma points in the body, this enhancement is customized to your dosha imbalance and is incorporated into the massage by pressing on specific points that will leave you feeling renewed and balanced.
*Marma Energy Point Enhancement can be incorporated into the Abhyanga Hot Oil Massage, full body Pinda Sweda, or Tranquil Detox. Cannot be added to any other treatment.




You may call our Spa Concierge directly at 570.685.8000 option 2, option 2 to schedule your spa appointments and design your customized spa experience at The Lodge at Woodloch.

Terms and Conditions
Treatments and pricing are subject to change.

If you should choose to cancel your treatment, please notify our Spa Concierge at least 4 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment time to avoid being charged the full amount of your scheduled service. The required age of guests at The Lodge at Woodloch is 16 years and older.  Please note that guests aged 16 – 18 may require proof of birthdate.

Please contact the Spa Concierge at 570.685.8000 option 2, option 2 if you need assistance or have any questions.

Note: For your convenience, in addition to the quoted price, a 20% service charge will automatically be added to all services, consultations, private activities, and alcoholic beverages. Additional gratuities are not necessary or expected.