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 Art class at The Lodge at Woodloch

Self-Discovery Retreat, Find Your Interests

Discover Your Creative Talent

Discover your creative side and enhance your lifestyle at Pennsylvania's idyllic self-discovery retreat. Explore new or hidden talents with watercolor painting, drawing, and cooking classes as well as wine tastings designed to help you tap into your passions.

Below is a sampling of creative discovery classes that may be offered at The Lodge at Woodloch and evolve throughout the seasons. Please reference our class & activity schedules for the most current creative discovery classes, dates, and times. 

Alcohol Inks on Porcelain Tiles

Create a set of four coasters using alcohol inks on porcelain tiles. You can bring your own ideas or be inspired by the samples in the studio. No experience necessary.

Barn Wood Signs ($)

Create your own sign on barn-wood from a local barn to hang in your home or make for a friend. Class will choose from word templates, “harmony”, “calm”, “family” and “serenity” and embellish with floral and graphic elements of your choosing! Cost is $20 per person.

Basic Calligraphy and Decorative Lettering

Learn basic letterforms for decorative hand writing with calligraphy style marking pens and create a small displayable sign on colored paper with your newly acquired talent. No previous art experience necessary. 

Decorating with Nature ($)

Gain techniques to create your own decorations made from items found in nature, either for display outside of your home or for bringing the outdoors inside. A collection of items to inspire your own creativity, easily found in nature or grocery stores, will be available to make a wreath or arrangement to take with you. Cost is $10 per person.

Decorative Birdhouses ($)

Birdhouses are beautiful and unique. We provide the birdhouse, crafts and natural items. You provide the creativity and inspiration to create and decorate a beautiful birdhouse to take home with you and display. Cost is $10 per person.

Dot Mandala Keepsake Box ($)

Learn how to make beautiful, intricate dot mandalas on a sweet wooden keepsake box for yourself or a loved one. Mandalas represent balance, harmony, unity and the universe. The circular designs symbolize the idea that life is never-ending and everything is connected. Participants will learn dotting techniques, explore color and create their own custom dot mandala design. Cost is $10 per person.

Dot Mandala Stones

Practice balance, free your inner artist and paint beautiful Dot Mandala Stones! A ‘mandala’ is a term taken from Hinduism and Buddhism, that represents the universe. It also means circle and/or geometric designs, and these ‘mandala’ designs have occurred throughout history – Christian churches, Aztecs and even crop circles. The Mandala design has also fascinated psychologists throughout the years, linking your Mandala design to your self, ego and personality. These Dot Mandala stones require no prior drawing or painting skills. Participants will learn to use dotting tools on rounded stones to create these stunning pieces.

Dreamcatchers ($)

According to Native American tradition, when hung above your place of sleep the dreamcatcher will absorb your dreams. All the good dreams will be passed on to the sleeper while the bad ones are caught in the webbing and destroyed at the first light of the morning sun. Come learn how to weave a dreamcatcher web and add special beads, feathers and fabrics to make your own unique dreamcatcher! Cost is $10 per person.

Florals with Colored Pencils 

Learn simple, yet effective techniques for highlighting, shadowing and blending of color using colored pencils while creating a beautiful floral drawing you will be proud to display or give as a gift. Previous art experience is helpful, but not necessary.

Introduction to Drawing

Awaken your creativity with visual expression and discover your inner artist. Drawing differs from painting in that it is much more exploratory with emphasis on observation and composition. Leave inspired by your journey to self-discovery and a picture that shows off your rejuvenated artistic energy.

Monoprint Making Class

Join us for a fun print making class to capture the detail texture of our outside world. With a collection of leaves, petals and grasses we will be creating one of a kind prints from a superior gel plate.  No experience necessary!

Mosaics ($)

Using a mix of tiles and glass pieces, design a beautiful and colorful work of art to display or use in your home. Your mosaic piece is yours to keep. Cost is $10 per person.

Open Air Painting

Become an open air painter… take a short hike to one of our breathtaking views and paint on site with our artist in residence to guide you along the way.

Paint and Sip – Field of Flowers on Canvas ($)

Lay in fields of flowers forever and recreate a stunning floral landscape painting. Come burst with color and expressive paint strokes while exploring your inner artist in this paint n sip style class where participants are given step by step instructions and a glass of wine. Beginner friendly & fits a variety of aesthetic home-decor styles. Cost is $20 per person. 

Paper Marbling

No experience or artistic talent necessary. Come have fun with inks water and paper to create an original piece of art or stationary.


Embrace velvety rich colors with magic at every stroke. Pastels offer a softer side and meld the worlds of painting and drawing together. Join us to discover the softer side of color expression.

Pebble Art ($)

Using river bed pebbles, dried flowers, sticks and other natural found items, create abstract or representative scenes of your own personal meaning on a canvas. Find the story in your creations, exercise your imagination, and get in touch with the artist in you. No prior knowledge or skills necessary! Discover the true integration of art making and practicing joy! Cost is $10 per person. 

Pen & Ink Drawing

Learn how to create an ink illustration  using traditional quill pens and ink. Discover user friendly techniques for tone and texture including subtle color washes to create a take home piece of art. Beginners Welcome.

Silk Scarf Painting ($)

Brush paint freely onto a silk scarf to create a beautiful one of a kind wearable piece of art. No experience necessary. Cost is $10 per person.

Terrariums ($)

Like a miniature greenhouse, these microworlds create their own natural water cycle to produce their own moisture. Your terrarium is yours to keep. Cost is $10 per person.

The Magic of Beads ($)

Come create a beaded bracelet using spiritual beads and small adornment pieces. Basic fundamentals and design techniques will be shared. Guaranteed to enjoy! Cost is $20 per person.

Uncorked ($)

Wine a little, laugh a lot. Drink a glass of wine and create a painting. Join us for the perfect cocktail of creativity and conversation. Guests must be 21 or older. Cost is $20 per person.

Watercolor Flower Study

Taking a step into simplicity by painting one petal at a time.  Come experience a pure form of watercolor painting, by using beautiful flowers as an inspiration to guide us to painting what we see.

Watercolor Painting

Explore new, hidden, or forgotten talents. This two-hour watercolor painting class offers you the opportunity to express your feelings through simple brushstrokes. Discover the pure beauty of nature and our surroundings by taking time to stop and really notice the colors and textures of our Pennsylvania countryside and capture it on paper. Leave with a finished work of art and a new or renewed creative side.

Wearable Intention Bracelet ($)

Create an intention and meaningful vision board of what you are striving to be, then seal it with a My Intent word bracelet. Live it, breathe it, and remind yourself of how precious our choices are. Cost is $20 per person.

Zendala Drawing

Join in a relaxation based, fun, light hearted class where you will discover how to create a beautiful mandala using Zendoodle patterns and designs. Color or shade your Zendala if you so desire, and feel the centering calm only creative focus can achieve. Bring your acquired skills from your Zendoodle class, or just your desire to learn how to create a beautiful Zendala with this method! No previous art experience is necessary.


Join in a relaxation based, whimsical art class where you can explore your fun, creative side drawing pattern based, organized doodles. Learn how to develop them into beautiful designs that you can color or shade if so desired. No previous art experience is necessary, anyone can Zendoodle!