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In Just One night, you can truly escape.
Just One - One Night Midweek Escape

ONEderous One Night Weekend & Holiday Escapes
ONEderous One Night Escape

The Wellness Reboot will give you the tools and boost that you need to find wellness within you daily routine.
Wellness Reboot

What's the best way to honor one of the most significant relationships? Of course, a Mother-Daughter Spa Getaway to The Lodge at Woodloch.
Mother-Daughter Getaway

Take time to reconnect as a couple, or with a few of your pregnant girlfriends, and celebrate the new endeavor ahead.
Babymoon Escape

Love is in the air...take a break and retreat with that special someone.

On your Gourmand Getaway, prepare to be pampered in fine dining!
Gourmand Getaway

Reconnect for a girlfriend getaway at The Lodge at Woodloch
Girlfriend Getaways

Stay 5 or more nights, receive a complimentary night during your stay*
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Relax in one of our luxury vehicles, while extending the enjoyment of your time away.
Door To Door Relaxation

Sometimes a "thank you" is not enough to show our gratitude. Active and retired military, police and firemen and their spouses will receive a 10% discount
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Relax and renew with our seasonal treatments - available for a limited time.
Seasonal Treatments

The Lodge at Woodloch offers a special spa services package, The Rosemary Renewal Club.
Rosemary Renewal Club


The Lodge Massage
A classic Swedish massage that eases muscle tension using light to medium pressure and aromatherapy of your choice. With your guidance, your therapist will focus on areas needing extra attention.
50 min // $140
75 min // $205
100 min // $275
Deep Tissue Massage
Special massage techniques target the sub-layer of muscles to treat specific areas of discomfort and relieve areas strained by overuse. Especially helpful for tight, tired muscles after strenuous hiking, biking, kayaking, or other intense physical exercise. Not recommended for first time receivers of massage.
75 min // $225
100 min // $295
Tension Tamer
Release upper body stress and tension with this focused massage using a warming blend of essential oils to melt away muscle soreness in your back, neck, and shoulders. Available with Swedish or deep tissue techniques.
Swedish 50 min // $140
Deep Tissue 50 min // $160
Sole Soother
Treat your tired feet with an ultimately relaxing experience! A gentle exfoliation softens the skin while Swedish massage combined with warm stones soothe aching feet and restore vitality.
50 min // $150
Deep Relief
An intensive treatment that combines stimulating Russian massage techniques and healing arnica or sweet birch to melt fascia in over-stressed muscles. This deep tissue massage opens the joints and works out the stress with unique stretches, trigger point therapy, and acupressure techniques to release tension.
75 min // $240
Blues Be Gone
This massage ritual helps ease the symptoms of adrenal fatigue – headaches, depression, stiff muscles, and aches – by enhancing the immune system and re-energizing the mind. A Swedish massage incorporating ginger root oil and acupressure techniques eases muscular stiffness and unwinds emotional tension. This massage is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.
75 min // $225
Therapeutic Magnesium Massage
Swedish massage techniques loosen and relieve sore muscles while an exclusive magnesium lotion helps to promote energy levels, assist in sleep and muscle function, and aid in the body’s detoxification process. Your body will relax and absorb the vital minerals reducing aches and pains.
75 min // $220
Delaware River Stone Massage
The Lenni Lenape, an indigenous, Native American tribe, have known for centuries that Delaware River stones contain an energy that accelerates change and energizes one’s entire aura. Warmed Delaware River stones are incorporated with classic Swedish massage techniques in this deeply relaxing full-body massage with a choice of aromatherapy oils.
75 min // $215
100 min // $285
Restorative Herbal Massage
A centuries-old Thai style massage with a local spin! Enjoy gentle stretching techniques and a relaxing massage with warm herbal poultices to restore harmony, loosen tight muscles, and stimulate blood flow and energy. Our herbal poultices are hand-crafted using traditional Thai herbs blended with our own local blend to provide a relaxing and detoxifying experience.
100 min // $285
Chakra Balancing Massage
This unique experience blends reiki, Swedish massage techniques, and aromatherapy to restore your body while balancing your energy. Massage with infused oils designed for each chakra addresses muscular tension and imbalance while gentle energy techniques promote deep relaxation. An ultimate healing journey for body, mind, and spirit.
100 min // $285
Massage for Two
Enjoy any of our massages with a friend or companion in our treatment suites. Prices and times vary.

Customize Your Massage
Please ask the Spa Concierge for assistance in customizing your massage with the following treatment enhancements:

Healing Hemp Extract
Experience the healthful benefits of hemp extract by integrating CBD oil into your massage or body treatment.  CBD helps to support overall wellness while easing muscular tension, reducing inflammation, and calming the nervous system, turning your treatment into a truly therapeutic ritual.

Hair and Scalp Treatment
A combination of hair-renewing botanical aromatic oils are applied in a focused massage to scalp and hair to replenish, moisturize, and condition. Customized to your hair and skin type.
25 min // $75
Healthy Hands Massage
Take a break and disconnect from your devices while enjoying this deeply therapeutic hand and arm massage. Techniques to combat overworked hand, wrist, and forearm muscles due to texting, typing, or tweeting, will ease sore muscles in this often-neglected but much needed area.
25 min // $75
Healthy Back Cupping Enhancement
Soft cupping is an effective massage technique that reaches deep to break up stagnation that creates aches and pains in muscles. Due to the pulling power of the cups there is a dramatic decrease in inflammation and an increase in speed of recovery, along with a feeling of deep relaxation.
25 min // $75
Healthy Belly Cupping Enhancement
A holistic treatment that supports healthy digestion, cupping techniques focused in the abdominal region boost the immune system and aid in detoxification. This relaxing treatment is also beneficial for seasonal support and general well-being.
25 min // $75
Healthy Legs Cupping Enhancement
Relieve tired legs, swollen ankles, and legs that feel heavy with the Bellabaci Cupping Method. Incorporating manual lymph drainage with soft cupping, your therapist will create the ideal treatment to increase circulation, remove fluid buildup, and improve the appearance of tired legs.
25 min // $75
Migraine Relief
A calming massage focused on releasing tension in the face and head through the use of acupressure, massage, and cold stones. Techniques to decrease blood flow and relieve pressure help to aid in the discomfort associated with migraine headaches.
25 min //$75
Muscle Repair
Ease muscle aches and soreness with an application of a cooling arnica or warming sweet birch gel, designed to target a specific area of tension. Incorporate these healing gels into any massage session.
Enhance your massage experience with the ancient methods of reflexology which focuses on pressure points in the feet or hands that correspond to various organs and systems throughout the entire body. Pressure point stimulation opens energy pathways, promoting greater circulation and relaxation.
25 min // $75
In this century old Japanese tradition, universal healing energy is channeled to the areas of the body where it is most needed. Results can be a sense of deep peace and greater mental clarity.
25 min // $75

For your convenience an 18% service charge is automatically added to all spa packages, services, consultations and alcoholic beverages. Additional gratuities are not necessary or expected.

Call Our Spa Concierge
You may call our Spa Concierge directly at 800-WOODLOCH to schedule your spa appointments and design your customized spa experience at The Lodge.

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