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 Woman receiving a nourishing body treatment

Body Treatments

Please refrain from shaving before engaging in a body treatment at The Lodge at Woodloch.

Add a Bath
Salus per aquam, or healing through water, has traditionally been used to relieve muscular tension, increase circulation, aid in respiration, and enhance overall well-being. Our customized bath options use fine ingredients and the restorative properties of water to enhance your body treatment and help restore optimal health. 
Eucalyptus: Mineral salts and eucalyptus to energize, ease respiration, and soothe sore muscles and joints.
Tranquil: Wild lavender, clary sage, and violet leaf support a state of relaxation and help dissolve patterns of stress.
CBD: Relaxing blend of hemp extract, Epsom salts, and pink Himalayan salt restore while shea and coconut oil nourish the skin.

25 minutes // $80

Autumn Harvest Body Polish
Enjoy the harvest of the season with our autumn-inspired body polish. An exfoliation using sugar crystals blended with the warming scent of pumpkin spice reveals smooth skin while a hydrating blend of shea butter and spices restores your skin’s luminous beauty. This intoxicating combination of aromas is perfect for the fall!
50 minutes // $150
Add a Swedish Massage, 75 minutes // $220
Available September 1st - November 30th, 2021

Rosemary Awakening
Our signature treatment, inspired by the healing properties of rosemary, begins with a stimulating body polish of rosemary and mint to cleanse and detoxify followed by a full body Swedish massage with hydrating shea butter and warming essential oils of vetiver and lemongrass to ease sore muscles. Next, you are gently wrapped to enhance relaxation while a luxurious scalp massage and invigorating foot massage complete this awakening experience.
100 minutes // $300

The Lodge Body Polish
Our customized body polishes feature a unique blend of revitalizing herbs and minerals to help soften the skin and increase circulation, leaving you with a healthy glow.
Radiant: An inspiring blend of lemon, vanilla, and chamomile is paired with sugar and aloe vera to soften the skin and invite clarity and purpose. 
Soothing: Calming, organic sweet lavender and blue chamomile blended with Epsom salt and volcanic pumice polish the skin, while easing the mind.

50 minutes // $150
Add a Swedish Massage, 75 minutes // $220

The Lodge Body Wrap
Enjoy a deluxe customized body wrap that will leave your skin healthy and renewed. Includes a relaxing scalp massage and invigorating foot massage.
Hydrate: Healing aloe vera, lavender, and cucumber deeply hydrate to replenish your skin’s natural moisture. 
Restore: Magnesium infused with red marine algae, rosemary, and juniper help to relieve tension and increase energy.

50 minutes // $150

The Lodge Body Ritual
An ultimate spa experience that includes a warm body wrap and luxurious massage. These bespoke rituals will envelop you in a deep sense of warmth and relaxation while aiding in detoxification and well-being.
Deep Forest: A detoxifying treatment inspired by native elements, including a warm cocoon wrap of wild sage and clay to detoxify and soften the skin and a therapeutic massage using warm birchwood sticks and oils of evergreen and citrus to ease tension deep within the muscles.
Lotus Cleansing: This cleansing treatment begins with a nurturing cocoon of mineral-rich mud followed by a full-body warm stone massage and the intoxicating scent of the neroli blossom, leaving you with a feeling of deep relaxation and renewed energy.

100 minutes // $310

Lavender Garden Dream
Breathe in the calming and cleansing benefits of wild lavender in this tranquil experience. Earthly minerals blended with lavender essential oil exfoliate during an energizing salt scrub. A customized essence-of-lavender wrap with a warm-stone back massage lead the way to a restorative full body Swedish massage.
100 minutes // $300

Pure Zen Body Ritual
The perfect treatment for pure bliss. This CBD-infused journey begins with a smoothing exfoliation, followed by a deeply hydrating wrap, featuring hemp extract and flower essences to nourish the body and mind. Access the mind body benefits of CBD alongside an infusion of age-defying paracress plant extract in a truly restorative Swedish massage, leaving you in a zen state of relaxation and wellness.
100 minutes // $325


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