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 Stone cairn on the labyrinth at The Lodge at Woodloch

February 2021:

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.” This phrase has been resonating with people for years for a good reason. It is so important to be able to take time to focus on ourselves, so that we are able to give our best to those around us. February will focus on speakers and programs that will show us the best ways on focusing our energy inwardly!
Explore our full schedule of exciting and educational events at The Lodge at Woodloch, featuring inspirational and motivational guest speakers, available to elevate your consciousness and personal awareness.

Brielle Baker, Alchemical Astrologer, Coach and Yoga Teacher
February 26th - 28th
Brielle Baker is a certified Alchemical Astrologer, Reiki Level 2 practitioner and 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher.  Through yoga, personal development workshops and 1 on 1 sessions, she takes a holistic approach to cutting through the negative BS (belief systems) to live your best life. Brielle's mission is to create a safe space for a community of people to find and align with their highest self. She operates virtually as well as out of her fitness studio in the Lehigh Valley, PA - The Refinery Fitness.

Friday, February 26th
Basics of Astrology - Discover your Sun, Moon + Rising Sign 
Ever been asked, "What's your sign?" That is only one small component of your astrological makeup. Discover the inner workings of the universe within you and what makes you, you. In this class, you will learn about your Sun, Moon and Rising sign. You will learn about the energies at play in your system and how to go with your inner flow and not against it. 

Saturday, February 27th
Working with the Moon - Full Moon Workshop
Learn about the energy of the full moon and how to use it's power to the fullest. In this workshop you will release what's no longer serving you and manifest for the month to come through meditation, reflection and group discussion.

Month-Long Features

Breathe and Change Your Life
Open the mind as you learn to focus your attention within and experience simple ways in which you can enhance your body’s energy levels while cleansing and rebalancing.

Chakra Balancing Massage
This unique experience blends reiki, Swedish massage techniques, and aromatherapy to restore your body while balancing your energy. Massage with infused oils designed for each chakra addresses muscular tension and imbalance while gentle energy techniques promote deep relaxation. The ultimate healing journey for body, mind, and spirit.
75 minutes // $215

Chakra Bead Class
Balance your chakras and lift your spirits by selecting from mala beads to create a beautiful and meaningful energy bracelet. Cost is $10 per person.

Food and Medicine – Self-Care is the New Health Care
Understanding the benefits of eating key foods that will help you naturally boost immunity, detox, and cleanse. Learn about our food system so you can make the most informed choices while you are exposed to a world of processed, chemical-laden food.

Herbs for the Heart
Heart Join our Certified Herbalist, Heather, for a slideshow presentation about herbs and natural foods that support and strengthen the heart on both a physical and emotional level. Herbs that benefit the cardiovascular system on the whole as well as the nervous system will also be discussed. These herbs and foods are easily accessible, most are regional, and some can be found growing right in your own backyard.

Rhythm of the Forest
Like us the trees and other beings have a heartbeat. Our Naturalist will take you on a short walk to discover the natural rhythm of the forest. As we listen to the sounds around us, you may just find your heartbeat.