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Mind Matters- Brain Health Program

The Lodge at Woodloch has pulled together its experts, resources and programming to help bring knowledge and tips for a healthy brain.  Did you know that Alzheimer’s kills more than breast and prostate cancer combined?  While there is not a cure for Alzheimer’s, there are lots of ways to proactively create a healthy environment for your body’s biggest asset.
Here are a few fun facts about your brain:
  1. The weight of the human brain is about 3 lbs.  The cerebrum is the largest part of the brain and makes up 85% of the brain’s weight. Your skin weighs twice as much as your brain. The brain is made up of about 75% water.
  2. Your brain stopped growing at age 18. It is a myth that we only use 10% of our brain.  We utilize every corner of our brain.
  3. Learning new things helps the brain to change very quickly.  For example, juggling has shown to change the brain in as little as seven days. 
  4. Laughing at a joke is no simple task as it requires activity in five different areas of the brain. The average number of thoughts that humans are believed to experience each day is 70,000.
  5. Music lessons have shown to considerably boost brain organization and ability in both children and adults.
Time tested and scientifically proven ways to help improve brain health include exercise, nutrition, art, sleep and nature.  All offerings that have always been at the core of The Lodge at Woodloch’s philosophy.  Here are a few highlights:
  • Exercise changes the brain in ways that protect memory and thinking skills.  “Exercise is the single best thing you can do for your brain in terms of mood, memory and learning,” stated Harvard Medical School Psychiatrist, John Ratey.  “Even 10 minutes of activity can change your brain.”
    • The Lodge at Woodloch offers dozens of fitness and wellness classes on the weekly activity schedule.
    • Drums Alive is a great class for Brain Health.   Drums Alive® combines the benefits of a traditional physical fitness program with the brain affected benefits of music and rhythm. Drums Alive® is a program that fosters a healthy balance physically, mentally, emotionally and socially! 
    • Meditating and quieting the mind also helps with brain health.  Reducing stress slowing the mind has monumental effects.  A few of our favorites include:
      • BREATHE & CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Open the mind as you learn to focus your attention within, and experience simple ways in which you can enhance your body’s energy levels while cleansing and rebalancing.
      • CHI GONG- Movement and meditation are used to unite and harmonize the spirit of the five organs governed by each element. A series of exercises: Ocean Breathing, Inner Smile, and Toning the Six Healing Sounds, activates the Chi (universal energy).
      • MEDITATION TO QUIET THE MIND- Come into the present moment with mindfulness meditation. This class guides you through steps of meditation with breath awareness and focusing the mind on a sound.
    • Labyrinth Programming
    • Spa Treatment can also enhance the Mind/Body experience as it relates to Brain Health.  A few highlights are:
      • FLOAT THERAPY (sensory deprivation)
      • Rosemary Awakening
      • Cranial Sacral
      • Blues Be Gone
  • Sustained training in music, dance or other arts strengthens the brain’s attention system, which in turn may improve cognition more generally.  Art increases brain connectivity and plasticity.
    • The Lodge at Woodloch offers a plethora of art classes.  Whether a novice, trying it out for the first time, or a polished artist, the program offers an opportunity to hone your skills.
    • Art is known to both stimulate the brain and calm the mind.  Art can be a stress reliever to help quiet the mind.  Art can also help induce creative thinking as well as a sense of accomplishment.
  • Nature can change your brain’s wiring.  It can shift your mood, decrease your stress, decrease depression and enhance decision making.  Check out Your Brain on Nature for more information.  One of our favorite programs at The Lodge at Woodloch which highlights the effects of nature on the body is Forest Bathing.  Check out some of these unique offerings as it relates to Brain Health:
    • Forest Bathing: The Lodge at Woodloch’s Certified Forest Bathing experts will share the philosophy of Shinrin-yoku, or Forest Bathing. During the winter months, there is even more need for the body and mind to engage with nature, but the extreme temperatures may be holding you back. Learn about the philosophy of the practice during an indoor session and learn new tips and suggestions for incorporating the practice into your life...even in the cold winter months. The short periods outside will include a slow and contemplative walk that will focus on keeping the body and mind in the present while teaching techniques for deep breathing, mind-body awareness as well as taking note of the little miracles of the forest. Shinrin-Yoku, otherwise known as Forest Bathing was coined in Japan and growing research shows that there is a marked decrease in stress-related hormones, a decrease in heart rates and lower blood pressure among other monumental benefits. Come and enjoy the healing powers of the nature that surrounds us.
    • Fly Fishing:  Northeastern Pennsylvania, whose waters are steeped in American angling history, boasts some of the best fly fishing for trout in the world. Take advantage of our prime surroundings with The Lodge at Woodloch's introduction to Fly Fishing Class, Fly Tying Classes, and Private Instruction along with 1/2 and full day trips. Fly Fishing is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors.  The practice has long been known as a stress-reliever and can even be considered meditative. 
  • Sleep has a profound effect on brain health.  Sleep is imperitive in regulating one’s mood and appetite.  Sleep also helps to reenergize the body’s cells, clear waste from the brain and supports learning and memory.
    • The Lodge at Woodloch understands the overall impact of sleep on your health.  The Rest + Well Blue Print was designed to help guests get a great nights rest!
  • Your diet, in conjunction with healthy living, has a crucial role in shaping your cognitive capacity and the evolution of the brain.  From Omega-3 Fatty Acids to Anti-oxidant foods like blueberries or brain-shaped foods like Walnuts, each has a unique benefit to brain health.  The Lodge at Woodloch offers many options as it relates to healthy eating.  A few examples are:
    • Nutritional consultation with Talia Segal-Fidler, The Lodge at Woodloch’s Nutrition Curator
    • Attend a nutrition class led by Talia Segal-Fidler and other guest nutritionists.
    • Highlight brain healthy recipes in the cooking demonstrations and on the menu (see the Brain Icon on all menus)
    • Check out the seasonal Garden classes with Derrick Braun, The Lodge at Woodloch’s “Farmicist”  to ask about herbs and veggies grown in our garden that impact brain health.