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Custom Art Gallery with Featured Artists Every Season

The Lodge at Woodloch is intimately aware of the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Mother Nature provides an ever-changing muse for art and inspiration. Together with Kiesendahl + Calhoun Fine Art, Ltd., comes a custom-curated art gallery hall featuring local, regional, and international artists that help magnify our philosophy of personal awakening.

Liza Phillips

Liza Phillips, who lives in Narrowsburg, New York, has exhibited her paintings, sculpture, drawings and photographic prints in the US and the UK since the early 1980s. She received her BA in art and philosophy from Vassar College and received her MA in painting from Chelsea College of Art in London. She attended Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine in 1998. She had a solo drawing show at Smith College of Art in Northampton, MA, and has shown at major museums and galleries such as the Whitechapel in London, the San Bernardino Museum in CA, The Sculpture
Center, NY, Pierogi and Momenta Art in Brooklyn, and The Hefei-Kurume Museum in Hefei, China where the artist spent a month on a residency program in 2019.

“A theme in my paintings from the past several years has been the un- containability of our object-filled lives, and the fragmentation of our focus. My aim in these works has been to describe what it feels like to be in the world, while addressing dark subjects like spilled cargo or plastic in the ocean. Intended with a degree of humor, they attempt to throw light on the un-natural world we’ve created and the anxiety we carry with us.”

Phillips has loved painting water since she was a teenager. For her first show at the Lodge she created works that express her love of the woods and wetlands. These landscapes show us pure unadulterated beauty, transporting us to local swamps in early spring, where the first stirrings of life occur.
 “Neversink1”, 24 x 24 acrylic on canvas

Janet Mait

Mait, who lives in New York City, was a sculptor all her life, studying and working from the figure. She was inspired by instructors Chaim Gross, Bruno Luchessi and Paul Luchessi. After many years of working in clay, she yearned to experiment with a different medium. The canvas felt like a natural choice for a new beginning, delving into the world of acrylics and abstract expressionism. She has worked at the Art Students League for years, studying with Bill Scharf and currently with Larry Poons.

The artist’s work has been featured in exhibitions, publications and permanent collections throughout the US. When painting, she focuses on space, color and balance, particularly considering the function of white spaces in defining the composition of each work. Preferring to work on large-scale pieces and often discovering chromatic inspiration in dreams, Mait ultimately creates works that carry
a peaceful sense of optimism.

There is a palpable connection between Mait’s three dimensional sculpture work and her painting. Forms, lines and color advance and recede, creating a harmonious dynamic that transcends the limits of the two dimensional canvas. We are delighted to be showing this artist’s joyful work at the Lodge.
 “Siesta”, 40 x 30 acrylic on canvas

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