Relaxation & Rest

As a component of overall holistic health, sleep wellness is crucial. One out of every three people worldwide has some difficulty with sleep. Many have insomnia, while others have sleep apnea and other conditions that interrupt their slumber. Likewise, many people struggle with stress and anxiety in today’s fast-paced environments. 

The Lodge at Woodloch embraces a philosophy of personal awakening. As so many individuals get swept up in the whirlwind of life, The Lodge at Woodloch strives to give you an opportunity to shift from your everyday routine and re-focus. Below is a sampling of activities focused on relaxation & rest - these activities are a starting point to a journey that will be uniquely yours. 

Guest Room with One King Bed at The Lodge at Woodloch A woman meditating next to the Fire Bowl at The Lodge at Woodloch A woman wearing a spa robe and reading a magazine in a Chaise Lounge on the Sun Terrace at The Lodge at Woodloch

8-Choice Pillow Menu
In addition to our standard Classic Down Pillow, we offer 8 pillows as choices for personalized comfort to maximize a restful sleep - your comfort and rest is our priority.

Restful Retreat Spa Treatment
This distinctive experience focuses on promoting a deep state of relaxation through gentle massage designed to ease you into a restful state. A focused scalp and foot massage, combined with a hand-crafted oil blend and foot cream relieve tension while a warm swaddle embraces you in comfort.

Mid-Day Power Nap
Fall into that blissful state between dreaming and wakefulness with a guided meditation focusing on bringing the awareness to “alert theta brainwaves.” This is the closest you will feel to REM sleep without needing to actually hit the hay.

Humming Meditation
Did you know that the most powerful instrument for healing is our own voice? The simplest and most profound sound we can make is the hum, which produces a vibro-acoustic effect like an internal massage. In this class you will learn an easy and effective humming technique that will help you reduce stress, improve sleep and empower manifestation.

Silent Night Yoga
Escape into a realm of tranquility under the stars while you tune out from your surroundings with closed back headphones. Snuggle in with cozy, comfy yoga moves that will help you melt into a restful slumber.

Sensory Walk
Join our Nature Guide and use all five senses to explore our beautiful wooded property. Learn techniques for a walking
meditation and end with hot tea incorporating wild edible plants.